Egypt tours offer a fascinating insight into ancient civilization and visit iconic landmarks and cities. Experience the incredible Pyramids of Giza, the magnificent Luxor Temple and the bustling city of Cairo.  Egypt vacations offer a timeless mix of crystal blue water on the coast, arid desert, colourful culture and rich history that spans thousands of years! You can admire ancient antiquities at the Egyptian Museum and cruise the Nile River in one trip when you join one of our tours to Egypt.

The brilliant desert scenery and natural beauty make for the perfect getaway for any adventure seeker. Explore ancient history and relax and enjoy watersports on the coast. Travelling Egypt is great at any time of year thanks to the diverse landscapes and activities! 

Explore Egypt over 9 days on the Nile Adventure or Nile Jewel tour. Adventure seekers are also able to combine two bucket list destinations on our 15-day Egypt and Jordan tours. Adventure awaits on Expat Explore‚Äôs Egypt tours!