Expat Explore Travel now hosts tours in the land of red, white and blue! Come with us as we discover the best America has to offer. Our guided USA coach tours will show you all the tricks this wonderful nation has up its sleeve!  Have you always dreamed of an east coast coach tour that visits the highlights of eastern US and Canada? Step right up! Our founders took to the trails and returned with unbeatable tours.

With our USA vacations you can experience Michigan, Ohio and Virginia. We’ve also included the east of Canada on our Eastern US and Canada Explorer - so you can explore incredible destinations like Quebec and Ontario. We strike that perfect balance between big cities and stunning scenery. You get to see all the beautiful landscapes as we drive between the different destinations on tour. This way, you get the best of both worlds. You see the glitter and glam of America's big cities. And you explore the stunning terrain. From the glitz of New York City, to the natural beauty of Niagara Falls, there is so much to experience. So giddy-up, let's go!

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