• 12 May 2017

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a Southeastern European country bordered by the Adriatic sea, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Although still scarred by the conflict that the country became known for in the 90s, Bosnia- Herzegovina is now a peaceful and fascinating place to visit. Along with stunning mountain landscapes, there is also a sense of adventure and an age-old culture. With domination over the years by both the Turks and the Austro-Hungarians, you’ll see a variety of architectural and cultural influences.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, or Bosnia in short, has been dubbed the cross-cultural center of Eastern Europe. It’s something quite unique. Here are some reasons why you should add Bosnia & Herzegovina to that list…

The city of Mostar is an undiscovered gem

Mostar will take you by surprise. There is much more to this city than just the Old Bridge or Stari Most. However, the bridge is very beautiful. It is 28 metres long and connects the two sides of the city over the Neretva river. If you visit in July, look out for the jumping competition! This time of year, professional bridge-jumpers leap 20m into the old water without any rope or cables. Don’t try it yourself, it is not very safe. Also, wear good shoes when you walk the bridge. It is very steep and can be slippery. Other things to do in Mostar include looking at street art and visiting ancient holy sites.

A street fountain and shops in Mostar city

Bosnian wine!

Who knew? It turns out Bosnia-Herzegovina has wonderful wine. The warm summers and dry mountain soil around Mostar and Trebinje are great for growing grapes. The country is known for local wine varieties like živalka (white) and vranac (red). You can go on a wine tour by following the brown Vinska Cesta signs in the countryside. If you don’t have much time, try a few wines at a restaurant. You can buy it per glass or carafe, which is cheaper than a whole bottle. Ask your server to recommend something local to go with your meal.

There is beautiful architecture

When most people hear the word ‘Bosnia’ they are reminded of the war. They don’t think that it can be beautiful, but it is! There are many lovely buildings that survived the war, and others that were rebuilt carefully. The architecture is very interesting – a mix between Ottoman and many other Central European influences. The best examples can be found in Sarajevo and Mostar, but Travnik also has some treasures. This includes  mosque, fortress, clock towers and ancient Ottoman graves.

Tip! Visit the Tunnel Museum in Sarajevo, a stark reminder of the conflict the city endured. The tunnel was constructed during the war to link up the city of Sarajevo, and allow food, war supplies and humanitarian aid to enter the city – a vital life-line.

These are just three of the reasons why we love Bosnia-Herzegovina. There is so much more to discover! Come on tour with us to explore this great country. Two of our tours touch Bosnia – the 14-day Croatian & Eastern Delights tour, and the 16-day Balkan Explorer. Follow the road less travelled in 2017, join us on a Bosnian adventure!

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    With US passport, do I need a visa?
    How much fare with accomodation?

  2. Would like to know if there is just a tour of Germany for May 2018.

  3. Is bosnia safe for woman?

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