• 7 January 2021

William Seidenstein has travelled with Expat Explore twelve times and plans on increasing that number by much more! He shared his story with us (from his time serving in the navy, to becoming an avid traveler), and revealed why traveling solo is the way to go for him.

I am a born and bred New Yorker who has lived and worked in and around “The Big Apple” my whole life. I am a retired New York City Police (NYPD) Lieutenant, CDS (Commander Detective Squad). I also served as a Commander in the United States Navy and an Officer Agent with NCIS (The Naval Criminal Investigative Service). As a young sailor, I served on an old destroyer and later as the Agent afloat on the Battleship USS IOWA (BB-61).

My stints as a civil servant gave me the opportunity to travel around the world conducting exciting investigations and making life-long friendships.

I married a beautiful young girl from Long Island, New York where we raised three great children, two daughters and a son. We were a very close family and I had them join me on as many investigative and training assignments as possible. We also often traveled throughout the United States and overseas on our frequent vacations and holidays. Unfortunately, my wife passed away suddenly leaving me with three relatively young children to raise. My children were strong enough to enable me to continue with my NYPD and Navy careers and grow into successful young adults.

A good NYPD friend of mine, who was a divorcee and also a widower, convinced me to try solo travelling. He said, “Bill, I always travel alone, it’s great”! He was so right!

I had studied Criminal Justice one summer at the University of Warsaw, Poland as a young NYPD Sergeant. Some Polish friends of mine insisted, “You must visit Krakow!” That’s where Expat Explore comes into the picture. I went on the internet and discovered an Expat Explore tour that included Krakow as well as Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. It sounded great! I booked the 11-day Eastern Europe tour immediately before losing the courage and possibly changing my mind! The trip began in Munich, Germany in June 2015. It was outstanding and I’m even thinking of booking it again with Dee, the tour leader of my last trip to Croatia and Eastern Delights! She does both trips and like all my Expat tour leaders, is great!

I have been on 12 Expat Explore trips so far and have two more coming up! In April, I’ll travel to the Balkans – and in July I’ll be in Ireland.

Expat is a great value for all they provide on their trips. The founders of Expat Explore, Carl and Jakes, often pop up on their trips and have developed an atmosphere of us all being one big, happy family. Some of the nicest people I know I’ve met on Expat tours. The tour leaders are friendly professionals who know their jobs inside and out and are great traveling companions as well. Expat does all the work, including great bus drivers, hotels, breakfasts, and many dinners, while customers like me just sit back and enjoy some of the best experiences of a lifetime!

Come join me on my next Expat Explore adventure! I’ll be the good-looking guy sitting in seat number five!

Are you looking for your next holiday? Whether you’re a solo traveller, group or family take a look at our tours and find the ideal one for you!

Questions & Comments

  1. I’m very interested in a trip to Egypt or South Africa for Christmas starting from the 24th of Dec to Jan 3rd. Can you assist ?

  2. Hi William,
    I wonder how you go on a group tour? Any application for membership? Schedules of tour and the like.
    I would love to hear your advise the soonest.

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Aurora, we’re so excited to hear that you would like to join an Expat Explore tour! All you need to do is take a look at our tours on offer and pick your favorite, you can take a look at our tours and tour dates here. A member from our team will contact you to help you find your perfect holiday!

  3. Anil Kumar seth says:

    I will be in n y from 6 to 30 th nov and will like to join the group for shorty trip

  4. Prakash Prabhu says:

    I am retiring this month.i am from India.My wife and me would like to join you.

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Prakash, a tour would be a great way to celebrate your retirement! You’re welcome to take a look at any of our tours here. One of our sales agents will contact you, to help you find the perfect tour for you and your wife.

  5. I would like some information on a tour to France in October

  6. What are you upcoming European tour?

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Percy,

      If you are interested in touring Europe, please have a look at our multi-country European tours here. We’d love to welcome you aboard one of our tours soon!

  7. Plz let me any package tour to the exotic places… Thanks

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Neelu,

      If you are interested in touring exotic places then you may enjoy our amazing Greece and Croatia tours, you are welcome to view them here.
      We’d love to welcome you aboard one of our tours soon!

  8. Jane T. Ortega says:

    I would like to travel only for 3 to 4days just to break away from my tiring and heartbreaking task of looking after my husband who suffers from Alzheimer . Anything on special package on this kind of trip perhaps in Korea, Japan, Hongkong and Thailand ? Thanks.

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Jane,

      We would love to have you on one of our tours as it is well deserved. Unfortunately we do not have tours for the countries you have requested. We do have amazing multi-country european tours that may interest you, you can view them here. We hope to see you aboard one of our tours soon!!

  9. I would like to visit Egypt Greece and Turkey together. Being way south in South Africa got to make an overseas trip worth the cost of that ticket. Another place I’d like to see is Vietnam.
    I’m very interested in history and different cultures.
    I’ll b 70 in feb

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Shimmy,

      It is fantastic that you are interested in our tours. We do not offer Egypt, Greece and Turkey together. These tours are offered separately.

      We hope to see you aboard one of our amazing tours soon!

  10. Priscilla Lampros says:

    I am interested to know the details i.e. cost, destination, duration, safety.

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Priscilla,

      We welcome all solo travelers!

      Please visit our site for all tour information including departures and destinations.

      Hope to see you book an Expat Explore tour soon!

  11. Marlyne Burns says:

    Where do your trips leave from. I am based in Johannesburg, South Afria.

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Marlyne,

      It is great to hear from a fellow South African!

      Have a look at our site to view the amazing tours we have on offer, all departure information will be indicated.

      Happy travels!

  12. Minerva Newman says:

    Yeah. I’ve been wanting to do a European tour. I always look at your tour packages…

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Minerva,

      Thank you for having a look at our tours.

      Feel free to contact us when you are ready.

      We hope to see you aboard one of our amazing tours soon!

  13. Stephanie Bayles says:

    Intereered in Australia and new Zealand

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      We currently do not offer tours to Australia and New Zealand.

      We have amazing European tours that may interest you, you are able to view them here.

      Hope to see you aboard one of our tours soon!

  14. I’m on furlough. What do you have leaving soonest?

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Carol,

      We would be thrilled if you would book one of our tours!

      Please visit our website for all our tour information and departure dates.

      Hope to see you travelling with us soon!

  15. Hi, would like to travel to Europe tour . Since I am coming from Singapore. Can arrange agent to pick us from the airport to the hotel. As we are new the place

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Kamala,

      It is fantastic that you would like to travel Europe with us!

      Do not fret as we provide airport transfer for our tours at an additional cost.

      We hope you book with us soon!

  16. I would love to go to Ireland this summer. I need someone to send me an iteneray. I love Ireland although I have never been there and as a South African I do not need a visa.

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Wasiela,

      How fantastic that you are interest in visiting Ireland!

      You will find our Ireland tour here, it will include departures as well as the itinerary.

      Hope to see you aboard our Ireland tour soon!

  17. I’m new to this site, love to hear more.
    Is there a age limit on these tours or is the activity level mentioned in the tours.
    Interested in Marocco and Japan.

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Marion,

      Our tours are suitable for everyone age 10 and upwards!

      We do not offer Morocco and Japan, we do have some amazing European tours that may interest you.

      Please visit our site and take a look.

      We hope to see you aboard one of our tours soon!!

  18. Yes William it was the same feeling and it was nice to meet you in Ireland tour

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Nadine! So glad to hear you had the same experience. Hope to see you on tour with us again soon. :)

  19. Allana Campbell says:

    Just come back from a European expat tour and I need another one for next and I want to know how to book for myself

    • Hi Allana, thank you for showing interest in travelling with us again. We’ll get our Sales department to reach out to you to arrange your next adventure with us. Feel free to contact us should you require further assistance.

  20. I have taken the Covid vaccine. My husband refuses. Will he be allowed to travel? We took a tour with Expat 8 years ago. Would live to go again.

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Char,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Your husband will be allowed to travel even if he didn’t get the vaccine. You will only be required to provide a negative PCR test when arriving at the airport.

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