• 20 August 2018

Switzerland and the Swiss Alps offer more outdoor activities than you could ever imagine! Winter in Switzerland equals snow, skiing, night sledding, snowshoeing, steaming warm cheese fondue and so much more! It is one of the top destinations in Europe for outdoor activities in winter. There are many reasons why you should head to Switzerland in the winter season!

Outdoor Interlaken is our go-to company for all things active and outdoorsy.
Fabian, born and bred in Switzerland, is part of the team at Outdoor Interlaken. He works as a certified outdoor recreation specialist. He filled us in on what visitors can look forward to in Switzerland this winter.

Fabian von Moos

Interlaken is right at the centre of wintertime action in Switzerland
This village is located between two lakes (see the name, Inter-laken). Interlaken is in the middle of Switzerland, in the middle of the Alps, in the middle of Europe. And Outdoor Interlaken is Europe’s ultimate adventure-sports destination.  Over one million overnight visitors arrive each year! Situated at the base of the Jungfrau mountain, Outdoor Interlaken offers something for every guest. Whether you’re after a cultural experience, adrenaline thrill or something in between.

The region gets so much snow
Winter in Switzerland always starts with childish excitement. When the first snow falls, the world around you turns into a winter wonderland! The snow also marks a clear change in the seasons (from nice to magical).

The day it starts to snow (usually around mid-December), ski season opens in Switzerland. And, activities like sledding and snowshoeing are ready for adventurers! Here, skiers can enjoy the world’s most spectacular backdrop. The towering snow-capped peaks pierce the winter sky 4,000m above you!

Once it starts to snow Switzerland struts the most amazing views!

You’ll be in the safest hands possible
New to skiing or outdoor activities? Not to worry, you will learn from highly-trained, top-qualified ski instructors. According to Swiss Federal Law, each adventure sport operator must be certified and insured. Outdoor Interlaken is one of the most popular places in the world. In short, when you hit the slopes in Interlaken, you will be safe as houses.

One of the team members at Outdoor Interlaken giving a lesson on snowshoeing. (Photo credit: Outdoor Interlaken)
When taking part in Winter Activities its crucial to have highly trained, top qualified ski instructors by your side! (Photo credit: Outdoor Interlaken)
It’s never too early to experience the winter wonderland of Switzerland. The team at Outdoor Interlaken makes sure that all members of your family stay safe. (Photo credit: Outdoor Interlaken)

World-class ski infrastructure
Outdoor Interlaken offers world-class ski infrastructure. These lifts transport visitors to and between the slopes in a smooth and stress-free manner. Non-skiers are also spoiled for choice! You can always take a train ride, a free walking tour, attend a chocolate workshop or make some Ice Magic.

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It’s all about living life and adventures!
At Outdoor Interlaken, we want you to get outside and remember what living is all about. The business was founded in 2001, as a rafting and canyoning company. Today, it is the largest adventure sports and activity company in Switzerland! We have over 50 employees offering private ski lessons, beginner ski packages, sledding trips (including night sledding) and snowshoe tours. Not to mention the epic Vertical Rush, free walking tours, private guided trips of Jungfraujoch, paragliding, skydiving, scenic flights and more!

Want to expand your horisons? Go Snowboarding this winter. (Photo credit: Outdoor Interlaken)
It really is all about living life and adventures. (Photo credit: Outdoor Interlaken)

There’s so much more than just skiing!
When you think of winter sports, skiing always comes to mind. However, there are many options when it comes to exploring the snow-capped mountains.

Snowshoeing is hiking in winter with the aid of special shoes on your feet. These shoes help you float on top of the snow, instead of sinking up to your chin. Outdoor Interlaken’s snowshoeing trips take you away from the regular tourist destinations. Instead, you go into Swiss mountain scenery and enjoy unspoiled Jungfrau vistas.

Sledding & Night Sledding! Visitors go up the snow-covered mountain to a remote Swiss village in a mountain gondola. From here, they hit the slopes on sleds with the help of trained safety guides. Best of all – you don’t need too much time to enjoy these adventure activities. Even if you’re only around for one or two days, you could fit in a trip that lasts between 2-5 hours.

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Hit the slopes on sleds! (Photo credit: Outdoor Interlaken)

You don’t need to travel with a bunch of gear
Outdoor Interlaken rents ski pants, ski jackets, gloves, goggles, helmets trekking boots and sledding shoes. They also sell ski socks, hats, neck warmers, headbands, sun cream, and hand warmers. All you have to pack to enjoy your time on the slopes are are warm base layers, sunglasses and a hat!

You’ll get to immerse yourself in Swiss culture
You can see snow on the Joch all year. But, only in winter can you walk around snow covered Swiss villages. Or see the mountain chalets all decorated in lights. And in winter you can drink a hot glühwein, followed by a Swiss cheese fondue on a mountain restaurant terrace surrounded by snow and stars above.

Swiss Cheese fondue with a view. What more do you want in life? (Photo credit: Outdoor Interlaken)

Switzerland is most definitely a great choice for a holiday destination in winter time. Have you ever enjoyed some time on the slope in Switzerland? Share your travel wisdom in the comments below. Read the Outdoor Interlaken blog here or go take a look at the winter sports they offer by clicking here.

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