• 5 May 2020

In life, and in travel, we often forget to take a moment to smell the roses and really enjoy where we are. Nobody wants to look back regretting those golden opportunities that were missed. 

We can also sometimes let trivial things get in the way of life’s enjoyment rather than letting go so we can indulge in the bliss of each experience. We’re here to help you enjoy more mindful travel and the magic of each destination you choose to discover. 

With these tips, you’ll feel a sense of purpose and connection to your every step during your travels. You’ll be able to savour the sacredness of tours that explore ancient sites, like Machu Picchu in Peru, or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. When it comes to practising mindfulness, there is no better time to practise than while travelling the world.

Taking time to truly immerse yourself while travelling will make your trip unforgettable!

Whether you’re taking your first trip or your 100th, travel should be educational and inspiring. Here is a list of the 10 best ways to be more mindful during your travels. 

1.Meet the locals

To really feel the essence of a country or city, you need to connect with the locals.

You can learn so much from a simple conversation, and it will also give you great insight into the day-to-day life within each destination. The traditions, languages and ancestral knowledge of each country can only truly be portrayed through its people.

Take every opportunity to mingle with the locals to practice a more mindful approach to your travel experience.

2. Go for quiet walks

One of the keys to mindfulness is to still the mind. You can do this by going for silent strolls throughout each destination, either alone, or with your group. When we slow ourselves down, we are able to enjoy a new sensory depth to our experiences.

Enjoy a comfortable silence while you walk and allow yourself to peacefully discover new environments. 

3. Try something new

Travelling is all about the richness of life felt when seeing the world for all of its many wonders. Staying in your comfort zone when travelling is sure to leave you with more ‘what ifs’ than unforgettable memories.

So, bring yourself out of your shell and be open to new experiences. This can be as simple as trying a new language, or as extreme as tasting outrageous cultural cuisine.

Trying new cuisine is one way to get a proper taste of a different culture.
4. Silence your devices

No matter how tempted you are to respond to messages, check your emails or return a call – keep your technological devices off or on silent as much as possible.

The demanding digital world can cause a distraction from the beautiful reality right in front of you. It can be hard to really feel the present moment and enjoy your surroundings when you have an electronic device constantly demanding your attention.

5. Be grateful 

Gratitude has a way of making something out of nothing and will add a level of appreciation and mindfulness to your trips.

When having the privilege to see the world, it’s important to remind yourself that you are getting the opportunity of a lifetime. Be grateful that travel is something people from all over the world dream about but that not many have the chance to experience. 

Be sure to acknowledge this and make the most of it by closely observing each and every encounter, and by being thankful for the adventure in itself. This tip for practising mindfulness is often underestimated, but it has the ability to enhance your life experiences a whole. 

6. Embrace your curiosity

When travelling, satisfy every curious itch and leave no stone unturned. Ask too many questions, visit as many places as you can and explore uncharted territory with enthusiasm. 

You’ll be happy that you did. Often it’s our curiosity that guides us to learn about new places or things and expands our worlds through joyful discovery. You’ll also find that when you give into your curious self, you become fully immersed in your experience, finding yourself totally focused on the present moment and all it has to offer.

Be present, have fun and fully embrace new experiences on your travels!
7. Don’t rush 

Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but we rush some of the most meaningful moments in life, eager to move on to the next. This is the opposite of mindfulness, and we should rather time our time.

Rushing kills our ability to be mindful and fully absorbed in the moment. Take it easy, and try not to put time restrictions on your adventures. Forever can be within a mere second, so remember to let yourself embrace your travels at leisure. 

This mindful perspective will encourage you to relax and have outstanding experiences, without feeling anxious about getting to the next stop. 

8. Travel light

One way to alleviate stress and allow for a more mindful travel experience is to pack as little as possible. Keep it practical and only bring what you need. Extra bags only means extra hassle, and the lighter you travel, the easier it is for you to move from place to place – and have less to worry about. 

Whether you go hiking, island-hopping on a boat, or walking through cities as you tour Great Britain, the last thing you want to worry about is your luggage. Travelling light is a mindful advantage that will save you stress and time.

Pack as light as practically possible for less stress when moving around.
9. Take time out to practice mindful meditation

Are you still asking, ‘what is mindful thinking?’ If you are new to the concept, practice these tips and see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and powerfully reap the benefits.

Meditation isn’t always a set formula, and there are many ways to achieve a still, peaceful state of mind. With mindful breathing techniques, you are guaranteed to slow down your thoughts and get a sense of feeling more grounded in the present.

Breathing practices will allow you to feel the moment, gather your thoughts and observe your feelings all with a sense of acceptance, which is essentially the mindful thinking definition. It’s a great practice for travellers to use regularly to ensure that you are basking in all the glory of your explorations.

10. Be aware of your impact

With the world coming into a new era of eco-friendliness and sustainability, it’s important for travellers to make sure they have a light footprint. Recycle when you can, respect sacred sites, use public transport if you can, support local businesses and overall be aware of how you treat your surrounding environments and people.

Appreciating your environment and the conditions of others is vital in knowing how to be mindful while travelling.

Mindful travel includes being mindful and caring towards the environments you visit.

Bringing mindfulness to your travels will allow you to become enchanted by every experience of your travel destinations. These tips for travelling more mindfully will also ensure that you are aware of just how special each interaction, historical building, national park or UNESCO World Heritage Site is.

One of the best ways to soak in your joy is to share it with others, which is why group tours are one of your best bets when journeying around the world. Experiencing travel with like-minded travellers will help you stay in the moment, especially when travelling on a multi-country Europe tour.  Contact us to book your next mindful journey, and let us help you prepare for the ultimate travel experience.

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