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7 days - Great Britain Tour

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The dramatic entrance to Edinburgh Castle - see it on Day 2!
The dramatic entrance to Edinburgh Castle - see it on Day 2!

The drama of history, gorgeous scenery, and centuries of culture will welcome you as you tour the countries of Great Britain. UK coach trips offer a convenient and comfortable way to experience England, Wales, and Scotland. Starting in London, you'll begin your coach holiday of the UK by travelling to Cambridge, home of that venerable, stately university. After visiting Yorkshire, the coach heads up to Scotland, allowing for some historical sight-seeing on the way and arriving in Edinburgh. With a free day in Edinburgh, you'll be able to explore and experience all that Scottish hospitality has to offer, before travelling north to see the more rugged highlands. Your coach tour of the UK is more than half over now as you head to Liverpool, perfect for football and Beatles fans. From there, it's on to Stratford-upon-Avon for theatre devotees and Wales for another taste of culture. Your last day will take you to the famous Roman baths in Bath and on to the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge. All too soon, your UK coach trip will carry you back to London, full of amazing places, people, and experiences.

Many people love to travel and want to see the world at an affordable price. Cheap UK coach tours are an excellent way to do this. With a guaranteed departure, you can book your flight to London with confidence and this tour offers top value, with very competitive prices and early bird savings. You will travel the UK in comfort on our new buses and take advantage of the perfect mix of free time and experienced tour guides. Keep in touch and post your stunning new pictures with complimentary wi-fi at every accommodation and enjoy the diverse and interesting group of tour mates. A bus tour of the UK is an economical and fascinating way to see this marvellous corner of the world.

Tour Dates & Rates

GUARANTEED DEPARTURES: All our tour dates are guaranteed to depart. BOOK NOW: Our prices increase as seats are booked, so book early to ensure you get the best price.

Dates Tour Price EarlyBird Status Description
07 Jun to 13 Jun 2015 US$1115 US$1005 Guaranteed to depart Fully booked. Call us.
21 Jun to 27 Jun 2015 US$1195 US$1020 Guaranteed to depart Fully booked. Call us.
05 Jul to 11 Jul 2015 US$1195 US$1035 Guaranteed to depart Fully booked. Call us.
19 Jul to 25 Jul 2015 US$1195 US$1020 Guaranteed to depart Less than 2 seats left
02 Aug to 08 Aug 2015 US$1275 US$925 Guaranteed to depart Less than 11 seats left
16 Aug to 22 Aug 2015 US$1275 US$795 Guaranteed to depart Less than 22 seats left
30 Aug to 05 Sep 2015 US$1275 US$715 Guaranteed to depart New 2015 date - low rate!
13 Sep to 19 Sep 2015 US$1275 US$890 Guaranteed to depart Less than 13 seats left
27 Sep to 03 Oct 2015 US$1195 US$890 Guaranteed to depart Less than 14 seats left
25 Oct to 31 Oct 2015 US$1195 US$795 Guaranteed to depart Less than 20 seats left
08 Nov to 14 Nov 2015 US$1195 US$955 Alternative Tour:
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Fully booked. Call us.
22 Nov to 28 Nov 2015 US$1115 US$655 Guaranteed to depart Early Bird Rate
06 Dec to 12 Dec 2015 US$1115 US$670 Guaranteed to depart UK Xmas market tour!
23 Dec to 29 Dec 2015 US$1195 US$715 Christmas Departure!
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Christmas Itinerary!

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Visit Cambridge and Yorkshire.

Welcome to your tour of Great Britain! Today you will fill your lungs with fresh, English countryside air, as you depart the city of London, and head to where the grass is greener. Arriving in Cambridge, your first adventure will have you punting...

along the river in traditional style, taking in the stunning scenery and epic, historical buildings in the most relaxing way. Simply wonderful! The afternoon sees you continuing your rural ‘rovering’, towards York, a mecca for history buffs and lovers of fine architecture and culture. Your walking tour, offers fascinating insights, stories and history of the city. Tonight you will enjoy dinner in a traditional English pub - plenty of choices on the menu including English favourites such as Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash! (that's sausages and creamy mashed potatoes)

Dinner. Overnight Yorkshire. MoreLess

Day 2: See Hadrian’s Wall, Jedburgh, the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh.

Which will win your heart, today, man or nature? From dawn till dusk, you will stand in places of historical battles, religious significance, ancient architecture and royal ruins, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and views which will make you rub...

your eyes in disbelief. Your first stop of the day is the iconic, Hadrian’s Wall. Built by hand in 122 AD, its creation is extremely significant in the history of Great Britain, and it is one of the most visited cultural landmarks in the UK. Not too far away, lies the border town of Jedburgh. Famed for its links to Royalty and historical warfare, you will have an opportunity to explore the city and take in the amazing architecture, which speak for population’s passed. The Jedburgh Abbey ruins are incredible and a visit is highly recommended. As you journey through southern Scotland, relax and embrace the beauty of the landscape drifting past you. The city of Edinburgh is waiting for you, to embrace it with both arms. Your Expat Explore tour leader will take you on an evening guided walking tour which will help you get your bearings of this historic city, with stories which ooze out of every cobble and doorstep. Time to enjoy some Scottish hospitality.

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight Edinburgh. MoreLess

Day 3: A free day in Edinburgh.

Don’t waste a minute! Today you are free to explore the city as you wish, and there is so much to see and do. Known as the cultural capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is blessed with stunning greystone buildings, and architecture, art galleries,...

memorials and higher education. Take a step back in time and wander around the authentic, and unchanged cobbled streets of the Royal Mile and meander down to the Grass Market, to a row of pubs where public hangings used to ‘entertain’ the crowds. Edinburgh Castle is well worth the entry fee, and requires a few hours to explore and learn about Scottish history and royalty - there are wonderful views from the top! For those wishing to shop for souvenirs Princes Street attracts shoppers from all over the world. The city comes alive at night, in the bars and pubs in the city centre. In the evening, why not enjoy a pint or a traditional whisky with the locals, or explore the city on a guided Ghost tour - explore the secret, underground passages underneath the streets of the Royal Mile, and visit the local graveyards under the ‘brawd bricht moon licht nicht’! (superb, bright, moonlit night...)

Breakfast. Overnight Edinburgh. MoreLess

Day 4: Visit Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle and the Scottish Highlands.

Just over half way through your Great Britain tour, and you are heading north to the Scottish Highlands, where we offer you an optional excursion which could change your life! Embark on a 1 hour cruise of Loch Ness, (home to ‘Nessie’ the...

‘Loch Ness Monster’ - see if you can spot her...) and take in the impressive ruins of Urquhart Castle as you drift past on your boat ride. Once back on the road, prepare for boldness and the symbol of the highlands. Rising out of the ground like a waking giant, behold the grandeur of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain. Whilst in the region, you will visit Glencoe – a spectacular Glen (Scottish for a deep valley in the Highlands) and where the massacre of Glencoe took place in1692, one of the most fascinating yet saddest stories encompassing Scotland’s history. Your day will wind down with a well-earned whiskey tasting at one of Scotland’s oldest, licensed whiskey distilleries in Fort William, before continuing on to your hotel in the Scottish Highlands. Enjoy your final evening in this amazing country.

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight Scottish Highlands. MoreLess

Day 5: Visit the Lake District and Liverpool.

As your heart sinks at the thought of leaving Scotland, be reassured that there are exciting adventures to be had today in England! Your Great Britain tour, will take a twist into modern history, as you head across the border, bound for Liverpool -...

the home of ‘The Beatles’ and two world famous premier league football clubs! On the way, you can soak up the last of the Scottish landscape, before reaching the picturesque Lake District, for a lunch stop - simply stunning! Once you have arrived in Liverpool, you will be shown the sights on our guided coach tour of the city. For football fans Anfield Football Stadium home to Liverpool FC will excite. For Beatles fans...there are a myriad of locations which were significant to developing the world class pop act, which shaped modern music as we know it. Home to Paul, John, George and Ringo, Liverpool inspired such timeless classics including ‘Strawberry Fields’ and ‘Penny Lane’. Upon checking in at the hotel, head to one of the many local pubs. Can’t get enough of ‘Beatlemania’? - ‘The Cavern’ isn’t far away, and is a pub where identity of The Beatles was formed.

Breakfast. Overnight Liverpool. MoreLess

Day 6: Visit Stratford-Upon-Avon and Wales.

Theatre, literature and history buffs, unite! Upon leaving Liverpool, you shall be escorted to the birthplace of William Shakespeare - Straford-upon-Avon. A guided walking tour will allow you to explore the quaint, historical village and then you...

shall have free time to explore on your own - there are numerous Shakespearean attractions and fascinating historical locations to visit. For those who wish to delve into the life of Shakespeare more intimately, we can arrange an optional excursion for you to visit the home where he grew up as a child, and also lived with his wife when they were newlyweds. Famous writers such as Charles Dickens, John Keats, Walter Scott and Thomas Hardy have also visited this dwelling. Sliding into south Wales, we take a photo stop at Caerphilly Castle, a medieval fortification built in the 13th century, ranked the second largest castle in the UK. Surrounded by artificial lakes, not only is the architecture a sight to behold, but it was a groundbreaking design back in its day. Onwards to the Welsh capital of Cardiff, you have an evening in which to enjoy the local nightlife on offer.

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight Wales. MoreLess

Day 7: See Bath and Stonehenge.

This is the last day of your British Tour, and there is no sign of slowing down! The road from Cardiff to London is littered with history, stunning scenery and architectural delights. First stop for the day is Bath – a UNESCO World Heritage Site...

featuring some of the finest architecture in Europe. Join us on a guided walking tour of the town, and learn about the historical significance of the region, including the natural hot springs which supply the Roman baths - visited by over 1 million international tourists every year! Continuing on the last legs of your journey, you have an optional excursion which could have you unravelling one of the Worlds’ greatest mysteries. Stonehenge - need we say more? You have the opportunity to witness an ancient and awe-inspiring structure, which has baffled scientists, tourists and historians for centuries. As you board your Expat Explore coach for the last time on your Great Britain tour, take this chance to exchange contact details and share photos with new friends and fellow travelers, before you alight at your last stop in London. We can’t wait for you to upload your favorite memories onto our Facebook page, and share the highlights of your 7 day Great Britain tour. We hope to travel with you again soon!

Breakfast. MoreLess

Tour Experiences


1 Included Experience

Included: Cambridge River Punting

We visit this historic city renowned for its leading university. Savour the history and marvellous views as we punt along the river.



2 Included Experience

Included: Walking tour of York

Take a walking tour round this historic walled city with your Expat Explore tour leader.

Dinner in a traditional English pub 


Hadrian’s Wall

1 Included Experience

Included: Photo stop at Hadrian's Wall

Visit Hadrian’s Wall on the border between England and Scotland.



1 Included Experience

Included: Visit to Jedburgh

Located on the border between Scotland and England, Jedburgh has a long history of royal connections and historic warfare. Explore the Abbey ruins and soak up the centuries of history in this amazing place. 



1 Included Experience

Included: Edinburgh Walking tour

Arrive in the capital of Scotland and experience the sights and sounds as your tour leader takes you on an evening walking tour of this magnificent city.

Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Take a step back in time as you wander the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile down to the Grass Market
  • Botanical Gardens
  • The National Gallery of Scotland
  • Edinburgh Zoo
  • The National War Museum of Scotland
  • Holyroodhouse Palace
  • Evening Ghost tour

Scottish Highlands

2 Included Experiences

1 Optional Experience

Included: Whiskey Tasting, Highlands Scenic Drive 

Whiskey tasting at one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries in Fort William.

As we head back south behold the grandeur of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain, and Glen Coe, a spectacular glen with a fascinating history. 

Optional: Cruise on Loch Ness

Prepare for your breath to be taken away by the stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands. You’ll have some free time where you may choose to embark on a cruise of Loch Ness – see if you can spot Nessie and the ruins of Urquhart Castle!


Lake District

1 Included Experience

Included: Visit to the Lake District of England

Here you will have free time for a comfort stop in the beautiful village of Keswick (or similar), in the Lake District.



1 Included Experience

Included: Liverpool driving tour

Take a driving tour and see the Albert Dock, Anfield football stadium and a variety of locations connected to the Beatles. 



1 Included Experience

1 Optional Excursion

Included: Visit to Stratford-Upon-Avon

Visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare. You will have free time to wander the city and visit the Shakespearean attractions. 

Optional Excursion: Visit the house where William Shakespeare was born, grew up and played. He ate meals in the hall and he slept and dreamt in these rooms. Shakespeare also spent the first five years of married life in this house with his new wife, Anne Hathaway. Other famous writers have also visited here, including Charles Dickens, John Keats, Walter Scott and Thomas Hardy. 



1 Included Experience

Included: Caerphilly Castle Photo stop

On our way to Cardiff we stop off for a quick photo stop at this impressive 700-year old castle. 



1 Included Experience

Included: Visit to Cardiff

We continue on to the Welsh capital where you have some free time to spend the evening as you wish. 



1 Included Experience

Included:  Bath Orientation tour

Your Expat Explore tour leader will point out all the main attractions of Bath, so you can make the most of your time here.

Optional Excursion: Bath pump house 

Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting some of the finest architectural sights in Europe, and undoubtedly one of the highlights is the Roman Baths. Around Britain's only hot springs, the Romans built the finest religious spa in northern Europe. This great temple and bathing complex still flows with natural hot water. The extensive remains and a Roman museum of international significance lie beneath the Pump Room and Abbey Church Yard in the centre of Bath. 



1 Optional Experience

Optional: Visit Stonehenge

We continue onto Stonehenge, an ancient and awe inspiring structure which has mystified tourists and historians alike for centuries. 


Tour Accomodation

Expat Explore have searched and invested in excellent budget accommodation either located in cities or well placed with good public transport connections. We use 3 star hotels with private facilities. During this tour you will stay in twin share rooms and if you are a single traveller, you will be roomed with a fellow traveller of the same gender or you have the option to book a single room at an additional price. Below is a selection of the accommodations that we use on our Comfort Tours, these may be subject to change but are an indication of standards and types of properties you will stay in during your tour. A full list of accommodation names and addresses will be given to you on the first day of your tour.


Ibis Budget Leeds



Ibis Budget Edinburgh Park


Scottish Highlands

Hotel Arrochar
Hotel Espalanade in Dunoon
Gleddoch House Hotel Langbank
Royal Marine Hotel Dunoon

Scottish Highlands
Scottish Highlands


Ibis Liverpool



Premier Inn Cardiff North
Ibis Budget Cardiff Centre
Ibis Bristol Temple Meads
Novotel Bristol City Centre


Please note: The Rugby World Cup will take place in the UK from 18 September until 31 October 2015, during this period some of the hotels we use may be altered to different location. For further details, contact us.

Ekomi Reviews for Expat Explore

Newest reviews of this tour

Great tour, meet some lovely people and saw some amazing places. Had a great tour guide, *** and driver ***, lovely weather and would highly recommend

Recommend to family and friends

All was just perfect

Well planned and good value for money. Shortest & sweetest way of knowing United Kingdom.\n

Probably would not do Expat again. Maybe if I was younger just too fast and furious and host did not know much.

Some meals should be improved.

For this tour I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to experience a more historical look at England. Though the tour is full on you defiantly get the most out of the 7 days and it gives you a taste of places you could possibly go back and visit properly at a later date.

This tour was excellent, will introduce to those who likes travel but doen't have enough time.

Suitable for all ages

Well planned tour - tour leader and coach driver very friendly and knowledgeable.

The whole tour was excellent, the hotels were great and well located, the cost was indeed well worthwhile, and I enjoyed the tour immensely.

If you have time constraints, but want to see as much as you can, then you must do this tour. Wonderful sites, beautiful scenery and fantastic and organised guide. Tiring, but so worth it. Made some great friends too.\nSA girls!

I'd recommend it to anyone who would like to see more of Britain in a few days.

Great trip. Enjoyed it to the max. I recommend people to travel light. Moving the luggage up and down the stairs each night was difficult.

This tour is great value! We saw many wonderful sights in just 7 days. Our guide, ***, made the tour fun & interesting.

Wrong info regarding Take w/ you Items.\nLast 2 stops were out of keeping w/ the the rest of the tour stops.

Great service and value.

Very hectic but your kiwi guide was good.

Great trip! Well worth it to those that want to get their monies worth with visiting various places at a great price!

This tour is very suitable for anyone visiting Great Britain for the first time. It gives a quick oversight of the wonderful places to visit and really does show the variety of attractions available. \n\nGiven the distances covered, this tour does not allow for in depth exploration of any of the places visited and should be seen as an introduction to the countries visited.

Covered a wide area with plenty places of interest. Good accommodations.

The tour was good overall. Do not use Budget Ibis again and when you tell people there will be laundry availability please tell them when and where.

Places visited were awesome and I have\nrecommended this tour to friends and\nfamily

The tour was good. I would have liked more time in Cardiff and to be able to go inside Caerphilly Castle.

The accommodations were awesome and the tour guide provided a lot of good insight for the areas we visited. That was nice.

Would promote to family and friends

I would recommend it

We went to a lot, a lot, really a lot of places, in 7 days that seemed like 15 days.

My friend and I enjoyed every minute of the tour although the rain was pouring on our way to the Scottish Highland and we were not able to go around the place, we still enjoyed visiting all the other places included in the tour.

The tour covered a large area of Great Britrain which meant we were able to see a lot of the country. The driver knew the country inside out so there were no problems getting to the venues and the tour leader was very efficient.

-we spent too much time in un-important \nplaces.. \n-we stay in hotel faraway from down town.

We would recommend it to anyone...friends and family. Excellent from beginning to end.

I used this as a holiday break it was my third in a year. I sometimes get the feeling that the tour leader and driver are tired. I must be hard dealing with people 24, 7 and to start again the morning after.

Excellent and very informative tours that fits in an amazing amount of history and location to sleep over. Definitely would recommend to anyone who want to see a lot in a small amount of time. :)

Good Experience. Tour guide, Laura & our bus driver was very kind & helped us all the time. Strongly recommend Expat.

Needs a lot of improving as per review report

Expat explore makes it possible for everyone to experience Great Britain at a budget price.

Very cool. Loved staying at the Premiere Inn hotels!!

The tour was very good and worth the money. A bit quick but ideal when you don't have a lot of time.

The tour was excellent. Expat's staff were all friendly and efficient. I would recommend the tour to anyone looking for a well-rounded tour in the UK or Europe.

Tour seemed like very comprehensive look at Great Britain. Might want to include sightseeing in London.

Despite the "not clean bus", the tour was great. Thanks ***!

Tour guide was knowledgeable and she was able to answer our questions when we asked her.

Anyone who wants to see Great Britain, would enjoy this trip.

Super trip, very satisfied\n

The tour is good. We will recommend to our friends.

I would recommend this tour for individuals interested in traveling and who can keep up with the fast pace.

I love this tout so much

An enjoyable tour, very busy, early starts, a couple of changes suggested earlier.

We enjoy every minute of the tour with the exception of the rush to get to new places. There will be nice to have an option of Great Britain - 10 days for the same tour.

Overall very good.\nAndrew our guide very knowledgeable and fun.\nBus driver T*** was great as well.\nIbis Hotels too small with luggage in there very hard to move around.

Always advise others to travel with Expat if they want great tours with expert guides and drivers and value for money.Looking forward for my next tour that's already booked.

It was a great opportunity to see so much in a short time...

This was a good tour for getting an overview of Great Briton at a reasonable budget. Including all breakfasts and four suppers increased value.

I would rate bit 4 stars

Overall, I am very happy with the services provided by Expat Explore and may do more tours with them in the future.

Accomodation was generally poor.\nCoach seating uncomfortable.\nForward thinking of the tour leader was poor when sick passengers were seated in the front rows of the coach.\nPick up and drop of location in London requires to be carefully reviwed for easy accessibility of the passengers.\n\nNo doubt some of these may increase the overall cost of the package. We for one would not mind paying a little more for once in a life time experince to get these comforts and there were a number of others in our group who had the same feeling.\n\nUntil these issues are sorted, regretfully I have to give give a low ranking to the tour.

I love the whole tour,just the accommaction could be improved in some places

2014-07-12: I will surely recommend this product

Coverage of all tourist sites in Great Britain with brief & precise historic background, excellent time management & personal touch of the tour leader Laura, as also exemplary behaviour of Gary, the driver have made our trip truly memorable. However, first night dinner in a pub at a distance of about 2 miles from the hotel & want of toilet in the bus were the deficiencies that merits to be attended to.

By: Asish - from: New Delhi

2014-07-03: Busy but memorable - June 2014

The tour was very tiring, however, we saw a lot of interesting and memorable places in the short time we had - definitely felt we saw the highlights of some beautiful towns. Accommodation except for one place was good, food was generally good - some places better than others. Our guide did not talk all day which was nice - some do on bus tours. Our coach was a little scary on some of the narrow, winding Scottish highland roads but we had an excellent driver and the rest of the driving on the motorways was not a problem. The morning departure times were a bit early for us. It was value for money.

By: Hume holidayers - from: Australia

2014-06-16: We enjoyed the tours !

My husband and I joined the Europe Taster and Great Britain tours which we enjoyed so much ! We find the itinerary of the tours is well arranged which we could get the best experience of the places that we travelled. The accommodation is real comfortable and convenient to travel on our own on the free day. The tour leader is helpful to provide us the information about the local attraction. We had a great time with the tours ! We have decided to go on next tour soon.

By: KH & JB - from: Europe Taster and Great Britain Tour

2014-05-18: Leave The Driving to Us

My wife and I had a wonderful experience. We saw new places, learned the history of the UK and soaked in the panoramic views of the countryside. In addition, we made new friends, which included our tour guide and driver; the two Andy's. The excursions allowed us time to get out and touch things we had only read about. Of course, there are things that detract from the trip. As the brochure says, you have to carry your own bags. Because the cost is so low we stayed in more economical hotels. The rooms are adequate but not spacious. I wouldn't let these facts stop me from taking another tour with Expat Tours. I have paid much more money in Paris and Rome for accommodations and received less value.Overall, I was sorry that our vacation came to an end and we had to say, "Goodbye" to our Expat travel family. Do yourself a favor and give this company a try. You'll be as excited about Expat as Sandra and I are.

By: President Bill Clinton - from: Miami, Florida

2014-04-30: All That Was Advertised

We are researchers by nature so had read *all* the material about the tour. It was as advertised - a good value, covering lots of ground. It was exactly as we wanted as we only had a week to see all of Great Britain. Tour guide was helpful and knowledgeable, bus driver was super friendly and skilled. We did the "comfort" tour and were surprised how old people were. We are mid-40s and sorta assumed everyone would be younger. On this tour they were the same age as us and older. Not that it was a problem - great folks - we were just surprised. Included food was better than expected, as were hotels. While mornings were early, days were not too long as they were broken up by frequent breaks and time on your own. I'm an introvert and was a bit nervous about doing a bus tour, but the way it was organized made it quite palatable socially as there were times to be by yourself. I'll be recommending this to others.

By: Not a fan of nicknames - from: Oregon, USA

2014-04-27: I would recommend this tour

No comments because i don't speack english very well.

By: Maurilio the great - from: Brazil

2014-04-20: Great introduction to the UK

Traveling 1,200 miles, through three countries, in only seven days means a lot of time sitting on a coach. But, the destinations, the guided tours, the food and, of course, the pubs, make it worthwhile. Gayle, our tour leader, was excellent and kept things moving along nicely. We would have liked to spend more time in some places, Liverpool and Cardiff, for example, but, there's only so much that can be done in seven days. That's one of the benefits of this tour - it helps you discover places you'd like to see again. We thought the tour was enjoyable and good value for the money. The hotels were excellent and the provided meals were very good.

By: Craig the Canadian - from: Newcastle, Ontario, Canada

2014-04-07: Magnificent tour

This is a trip that has been on the bucket list for a long time. I left UK 57 years ago to start a new life in North America, eventually marrying and having 3 children. My now-adult children, all married with kids of their own, wanted to retrace their roots, both Scottish and English, and to see the UK in as brief a time as possible through my eyes. I booked the Expat comfort tour, but with great trepidation. My late wife and I traveled UK many times as tourists and I did not see any way you could give us more than just a sponge bath exposure to the "Sceptered Isle". I was wrong. Our 7 day tour was action-packed, comprehensive, well-managed and informative, thanks to your thoughtful itinerary and to Luke, our competent guide. We will be reminiscing this tour for many years to come. It was far beyond our modest expectations and my children and I thank and congratulate you.

By: Brian - from: Orlando, Florida

2014-04-06: Amazing Tour

The only complaint I would have about the tour was there was no stop while driving across the Scottish Highlands. Other than that, it surpassed all of my families expectations...from the tour leader and driver to the stops, activities and accommodations.

By: Bud - from: Orlando

2014-04-06: I would recommend this product

Enjoyed well

By: Hassan - from: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2014-04-06: You actually get more for your money...

Great Britain Tour, March 26- April 1.A great trip in so many ways. The accomodations, even when budget, were always spotless and some hotels (Premier Inn) were more than expected. I had heard bad things about the food but have no complaints at all. The tour leader did an excellent job, couldn't ask for more.The only real con for me was not being able to spend time at certain spots...but saying that, it's a 7 day tour and there is only so much time that can be spent. I don't blame Expat, it's the nature of tours. I really feel I got more than I paid for which is rare these days. Thank you for a lovely trip.

By: Lisa - from: New York

2013-10-17: It's a must for first timers in GB!

I'd always dreamed of visiting Great Britain and when I took on your GB tour (March 27-April 3, 2013) it was absolutely a dream came true! I grew up reading British story books, getting to know some of its history and legends, watching some of British movies and TV serials, listening to some of British songs and music, and admiring pictures of its heritage sites and nature. With a limited time and urge to see as many places as possible on my first trip to GB, I finally decided that Expat Explore's GB tour was the one. The trip throughout GB - from London in the south to Scotland in the north and back to the south - really gave me a good glimpse of what the countries were actually like. They boast rich history and cultural heritage sites as well as charming countrysides and nature. I still can't believe that I finally saw all those famous places with my own eyes. Yet, the trip was even much greater because of new friends I met from many parts of the globe on the tour and the professional and friendly Expat Explore team. Many thanks!

By: Amor Patria - from: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

2013-10-07: Best value budget tour

Recommend for travellers who are time poor and want to cram in as much as possible. Good overview of towns and cities, places of interest. Found both tour guide and driver knowledge interesting and helpful.Has given me confidence to re visit places I have been to to explore more at my own leisure.Thank you Expat!

By: Marilyn the Aussie - from: Australia

2013-10-01: 1/10/2013. I would certainly recommend

After reading the tour particulars online this tour exceeded expectation for the price and what was included. Accommodation and meals were of good /high standard. Sam and Gary, guide and driver were only to happy to help with any issues. Gary added a bit of colour with his kilt in Scotland . A good mix of young and old. Of course, more time would be good, but you would have to do a longer trip at a dearer price and if you are time poor, this is perfect.

By: Janet - from: Australia

2013-10-01: What a blast!! 25/9/13-1/10/13

This has been a wonderful experience!! Met some great people....saw some wonderful sites. Wish I had more time! Will be planning my next trip as soon as I get home :) This is a great way to get a snapshot view if the UK

By: Ria - from: South Africa

2013-09-23: Overall good value for money

Overall, good value for the money, not sure it can be beat.For the tour itself, guide had almost no knowledge of the region/tour and could not answer any questions. Only prepared notes about the cities were read to the group. Would have also been nice to hear facts or stories about the places we were traveling through in the coach.If you want to see as much as you can in a week, and don't mind being on the coach for 4+ hours per day, this is a great value. Just plan ahead and do your own research about the areas you are passing through.

By: James - from: Boston

2013-09-13: I would recommend this product

Great value tour. I enjoyed this tour very much. MS. Sarah is very nice guide and cooperative. Breakfast is good. but Dinner is so so. We did not get any Indian or Muslim food in Dinner. I request to add Indian food in dinner. Total journey is fantastic. Thanks Expat Explore.

By: Chowdhury Mohammed. - from: Chittagong, Bangladesh

2013-09-11: 14-20 August

This trip was worth every cent paid. Gary (our coach driver) and Sarah (tour leader) were amazing. Although we were very busy you never felt forced to take part in anything. This worked especially for the older people on the tour who weren't so mobile any more. Just wish we knew beforehand that we would be in Edinburgh when the Tattoo was on, we wouldv'e booked tickets!

By: Leoni - from: South Arica

2013-09-09: The perfect choice!

We saw so many places, I'd recommend everyone keep a travel diary. Lots of history, lots of beautiful scenery. Sara the tour directon, and Gary the driver were really great. Other tour members were interesting to talk to, many different nationalities represented.We were pleased with accomodations and food, especialy breakfasts. The tour was well planned, nicely paced.Now the proablem is deciding which expat tour to take next!

By: Nancy - from: Seattle

2013-08-29: Great Britain tour was fun.

This tour is well suited for people that like a mix of guidance and independence when they are on the road. Accomodations are not very consistent - some better, some - not so great, but clean and private.Food also is different - varies with the hotels. Our tour lead and the driver were very organized and committed. In general - a nice travel memory.

By: vita48334 - from: Farmington Hills, MI

2013-08-20: Great value for the money

This was a great trip that covered some of the major attractions in Great Britain. The package was an excellent value for the money as the hotels were well located and comfortable and the provided breakfasts and dinners were good. The tour leader and driver were very accomodating and did a super job.

By: Steve - from: Phoenix, Arizona

2013-08-11: great tour

good hotels and food. tour guide and driver were eficient and professional.a great way to see so many places over such a short time. wish we had had more time at the small towns that we stopped in.all in all, great value for money....physically exhausting...not recommended for elderly or physically unfit people or small kids/babies.

By: Dr Ganaga - from: Malaysia

2013-08-07: I would recommend this tour

This was our first coach tour and surprisingly good. Better than expected for cost. Our driver Gary was excellent and our tour guide Luke was very keen and helpful but a bit inexperienced and lacking in knowledge of local history. Overall we had a great time and would recommend to friends.

By: Scotty - from: Sydney

2013-08-05: Good value

This is a budget tour and as such is good value.I recommend expat adds another similar product with more days and charge accordingly.One more night in Liverpool , Cardiff and Bath.Tour guide to provide more info on places that the coach passes but does not stop.

By: Traveller - from: Australia

2013-08-01: Basic but good value for money

We covered a lot of the UK in a short time, which suited us.The beds were all very good, as was the food.We had several long days on the bus, which was to be expected but they could have been more entertaining with some commentary about the areas we were travelling through, some history or whatever - don't just sit back and let half the bus doze off due to boredom.The country side we went through was beautiful as were the cities/towns we visited and it was amazing how much country we covered over the week.

By: Jimmy - from: West Australia

2013-08-01: Value for money!

Very busy schedule that took us from North to South. For such a short time it was a great itinerary.Unfortunately the lack of commentary whilst on the tour was disappointing. We passed so many great locations/historical places without any information. The fact that on previous bus tours the commentary was great was why we decided to take a tour rather than drive ourselves.On the other hand, the walking tours were informative and interesting.The food was good at all accommodations.Accommodation was varied, didn't enjoy the accommodation at Pollocks Hall in Edinburgh or the Rob Roy in Stirling.

By: A little dissapointed! - from: Jurien Bay, Australia

2013-07-31: Worked for me

This trip definitely worked for me. I could have spent more time in Cardiff and visit the Welsh capital in daylight, or have a short stop and visit another Welsh city/town/village.Amazing food in Edinburgh, great hotel in Liverpool, fantastic view at Lake District, Hadrian's Wall, friendly people in York. Thank you Expat for our gift, I love my T-shirt and bag with full of goods. ;)

By: Di - from: Kent

2013-07-30: 03/07/2013 00:00:00

I thorougly enjoyed the tour and seeing the UK. Last year we had a very bad experience travelling through Europe with an uninformed guide. This year our guide, Aga, was the opposite and she just proved once again that the guide can make or break the trip. The time on the road was not too long and we managed to see all the most important sights around the UK. Expat should consider doing tours of Ireland too.

By: Margie - from: UAE

2013-07-28: UK with a friend

This was a fast paced tour which gave me a little tast of all the UK has to offer. The tour itself was excellent, it was unfortunate that the Tour Leader showed inexperience this did impact on the group, there were no introductions of the group therefore i did not get to know everyone i was still meeting people from the group on the last day and looking at the group photo i still have no idea who alot of these people were. However Luke was a nice man very friendly and approachable, i am sure with a few more tours he will be an amazing leader. Our driver Gary was lovely but didnt interact too much with the group.

By: Mandy - from: Brisbane

2013-07-15: Phenomenal Trip

My 15yo daughter and I loved this trip! Expat was wonderful, it surpassed our expectations in every way! Loved tour leader, Aga and driver, Gary. They made the trip fun, friendly and educational!Made so many new friends. So much to see in a mere 7 days!

By: Pilar T. - from: Florida

2013-07-09: Life changing, end of story.

Trip was 24/06/2013 - 03/07/2013.Great price. Not too short. Not too long. This tour is such a brilliant opportunity. Gives a lovely taste of some superb places in Europe. Just enough that you enjoy it so much on the trip, and also decide to revisit your favourite places later on in life. The guide, Alex, was experienced and knew her stuff. She was really witty and so involved with the group, doing everything we did. What a difference it made, having a passionate leader.Sights are amazing and unforgettable. People are so interesting and the group will undoubtedly become friends. Europe is just staggeringly entertaining.The accommodation was perfectly in line with this being a budget trip. Don't expect 5 star service, but the places are comfortable and clean. Admittedly, they are not centrally located in the cities, but one does most things in a group and, together with next to no free time, staying far away ends up meaning nothing. Time is not in massive supply, however. Free time is not exactly plentiful and one must be prepared to be punctual at rather early times of the morning. Try sleep on the coach to catch up. This is not too much of an issue, though, because everyone is in the same boat, even the leader!Sadly, food and drink costs an arm and a leg, but one can slightly curb it by 'collecting' bits and pieces at breakfast to supply one's lunch. Again, everybody is in the same boat and a routine is quickly established. Don't worry, you'll work something out. Not that you get much time to focus on hunger anyway.All in all, wonderful, superb, fantastic, brilliant, mindblowing. My life literally changed because of this holiday. I know it sounds cliched and corny, but this trip changed me so much for the better, not joking. Book now, seriously.:)

By: Sheep (i wore a sheep costume) - from: Cape Town

2013-07-07: I would recommend this tour.

It was the first time that we use foreigner tour.We met friends from over the world we learned each other and knew that how different they are but we are the same who want to Explore.we had the impress of our friend from South Africa that they are so nice and from some country that not!Any way our tour had experienced and good mood driver name "Dean" which ma son like him very much.Cons are too expensive for 50 pounds to change the name of passenger because no change everything even key card of hotel or the name of passenger and at the Liverpool someone can take time there some not????Coach is good also.

By: Kahn Thai Traveller - from: Thailand

2013-07-06: 19-25 June 2013

Slightly exhausting but a great adventure! I would not recommend it for families with children under 12. It would be great to get more information of whatever the next stop is before getting of the bus. With such a big group it was often hard to hear the tour leader's comments while in a busy and noisy location.

By: VDL Family - from: Tanzania, Africa

2013-07-01: Awesome Trip! - June 19-25, 2013

Great experience and well worth the price! We did so many things, learned so much, and had such a great time. We did this tour as part of our honeymoon, and we had a fun time and met so many nice people from all over the world. By the end I was glad to get out of the coach, but it was a worthwhile experience. Loved Aga, Gary, and Sarah! Thanks so much for everything!

By: Taylor Cupp - from: Blacksburg, VA, USA

2013-06-27: I would recommend it to anyone

Would appreciate more factual information on sites that we passed while travelling.

By: Lini - from: South Africa

2013-06-24: it is quite fine

This is a good trip but it is really exhausting. Some minor places may be excluded and more time should be spent in important places such as liverpool and cardiff. For example, We could not visit the museums and some other places in Liverpool as we arrived ad Liverpool at 4 pm and we left early the next day. There are too frequent convenience stops for WC, I understand that it is necessary but when we leave from a place to another which is 2 hours away, I think that there is no need for a convenience stop because people can have this in the first stop and two hours is not very long. Convenience stops are supposed to be 15 minutes but in reality it takes at least 30 minutes as most of the people get of and until they all get on again.. All in all, considering the places we have visited, I think that this trip is recommandable and worth the money

By: cihat - from: newcastle upon tyne

2013-06-21: Awesome trip definitely recommend

Great time our tour guide Sally was awesome and easy to talk to . She was very helpful in suggesting things to do and where they were . Our driver Gary was great . It was a great 7 day trip wish it didn't have to end . Also Aga our other tour guide was a lot of fun to be around and helpful with guiding us to places we wanted to see . Loved Great Britain can't wait to go back again .

By: mccartneylennon77 - from: New Jersey

2013-06-09: You have to go............if only once!

Ultimate Europe May 10th 2013. Weather cool some rain. I am 61 on the coach ages ranged from a 12 year old to a man of 82, a good split between young and old. My wife and I were the only ones from England. James our tour conductor and Dom the driver had you laughing I would have paid extra to have the entertainment. You stay in a mixture of hotels, hostels and campsites……not in a tent. Best place we stayed was a campsite outside Rome what fun that was, swimming pool, dancing and a supermarket. We were fed well and we put on weight. Bring a small electric kettle and flask great for the coach. If not staying in town easy rides to town perhaps in most cases 20-30 minutes. Warnings: Lots of walking and if you are late on the bus you have to sing. Clothes washing places are approx a week apart however can wash small stuff in hotel room. A few places you will need to carry cases upstairs. Not enough time we will go back in the future and spend more time in places we liked. Our coach was full of laughter from the moment we started to the moment with tears in our eyes we all hugged each other and parted. Robert ….. London.

By: Robert - from: London

2013-06-04: May 22, 2013

Great guide (Sally), terrific driver (Gary), highly recommend this tour. Only one suggestion: rotate seating assignments, it would save the morning scrum for seats and also prevent hogging of seats in front.

By: DaDyaDavid - from: Los Angeles and Latvia

2013-06-01: absolutely fun and worthed!!

This trip was absolutely fantastic and entertaining. We met many people from other countries. For the price, we were expected to stay in multishare hostels. However, what we got are 3 star hotel, which were fantastic. we spent our daughter's birthday in Edinburgh. At dinner time,the tour guide surprised her with a birthday cake And the whole members sang the birthday song for her. We Went to many places during the trip. All are beautiful and worth to visit. However the overall trip were too exhausting. We recommend this trip specifically only for young adult.. too many walking tours... Sally and Garry,you guys Did a great job... the tour was well organizes, punctual, and well flow of communication. Please do contact us when u come to Jakarta. Great trip, great guide, great multicultural groups In a relatively low price, EXPAT EXPLORE ROCKS!!!

By: Yodha family - from: Jakarta, Indonesia

2013-05-20: Enjoyable Tour

very enjoyable trip. only issue was the dinner, as we had as been vegetarian we had risotto rice everyday which was awful. but the tour really enjoyable and made few new friends which shall be in contact. shall book again for another place next year.

By: heena - from: rajkot, india

2013-05-06: WOW!

What an incredible trip! I could not have been happier with Expat Explore. We packed so much into one week when I came back to work no one could believe how much I had seen. The tour guide, Sally, was wonderful and we also had two incredible trainees with us Zoe and Andrew. (when they start giving tours I hope to go on another one with them) I was shocked at how nice the accommodations were. For the price I was sure they would be hostleish, But they were not and the food they provided was really good. They have the trip down to a science, we got to see so much and only once did I wish I had more time in a location (Stratford Upon Avon...but they may just be because I am a big theater nerd and I wanted to do more Shakespeare stuff) every other place was timed out perfectly.When I booked this I kept googleing Expat Explore scam because I couldn't believe a trip that included so much could be so affordable. This is no scam...I would recommend taking a trip like this to anyone who wants to pack as much into a week as they can and I will certainly be taking another trip with them in the future!

By: Molly - from: New York

2013-05-06: 7 days Great Britain

need more time for taking pictures, more places for picture stop. more activities to know each other.. very excellent in time organising, very ontime. need more info about chinese food rest. better to provide water for passenger. will give refferral to travel company in indonesia for better business.d

By: astuti - from: jakarta indonesia

2013-05-05: Excellent product for the price. 23/4/13

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.I Commend our guide Sally for being so well organized and communicating clearly so that a group of 49 people can manage to be on time every time throughout the trip!I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere among such a large and multicutural group.The only setbacks for me are the crazy weather and having to get up early in the morning.

By: Pauline the one who sleeps in the bus - from: Toronto

2013-04-29: 27th March 2013 7 days GB tour

Although the tour group was large (49) everyone was punctual and friendly. The breakfasts were fantastic but some dinners could be improved. Certain days were very hectic resulting in a very short stop at Lake district(20 minutes). Would have preferred to skip the overnight at the Scottish Highlands and stay instead at Lake district. Gary the driver was great and a fountain of knowledge.

By: Gee - from: California, USA

2013-04-18: March 13th Tour of British Isle

Paula, Gary, et al, Ihis trip is great fun and I loved everyone that I met! It was a great multi-cultural group. If anyone travels to Florida, please do contact me. Sally, I hope all is going well for you. All the best to you and everyone, please post photos! Much love, Carol

By: Carol - from: Florida, USA

2013-04-11: 7 Days Great Britain

My first tour with Expat Explore..........and never regret , doing so...............tour leader Paula.......great leader and driver, Gary, friendly and a very nice guy......and most of all,,,,our tour group..........friendly and nice people from all over the happy to have the chance to get to know you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Sophia from Malaysia - from: Kuala Lumpur

2013-04-11: Great Britain - 22/3 - 2/4/2013

We had a great time..........our tour leader, Holly was great , helping and giving us advises whenever needed . Also our coach driver, Dean , a great and fun guy........thanks guys and especially thanks to Expat Explore...........this will not be our last tour with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Sophia from Malaysia - from: Kuala Lumpur

2013-04-07: I really recommended this tour

I really really recommended this tour. the food are great, the tour leader are friendly and well organized all. so freakin' cool men.

By: tjan0511 - from: indonesia

2013-03-28: Try it, you won't regret. 13.03.2013

This tour exceeded all our expectations.We were fortunate to have a very knowledgeable tour guide in Paula, who organised the tour impeccably looking into our comforts all the time.Gary was a fantastic driver who never put a foot wrong. His taste of music was beyond belief. We were humming along on our long drives.Already thinking of booking the next holiday in Europe with Expat, next Spring/Summer.

By: Nandadeva & Kaushala. - from: Colombo. Sri Lanka.

2012-12-21: Amazing tour at a fantastic price!

Wow, this was an incredible tour for the price! Ty and Gary (tour leader and guide) were exceptional OK! The hotels were all in great locations (only metres from town centres) and whilst they were not 5 star they were exactly what they should be, comfortable, clean and with great facilities. They say they are only 3 star but I think most were close to 4 star ratings.The food inclusions were far superior than I expected, the breakfasts were all full buffet hot English and all and the dinners were excellent and not all of them were at the hotel, the one in Edinburgh was in a great Italian restaurant.This trip was actually fully booked so there weren't any spare seats but the coach was very comfortable and kept exceptionally clean (thanks Gary!)The main thing I want to get across though is this tour has amazing Value, there is no way you could even get just the hotels and transport for this price so all the meals and touring is simply a bonus. If you want a great short tour to the UK that sees a lot of the sights and you dont want to break the bank this is the tour for you.

By: Dan - from: London

2012-11-26: Great Britain 15 Nov 12

Great way to have a taste of the different cities.

By: Lws - from: Johannesburg, South Africa

2012-11-14: Amazing tour in 7 days!

Great to see so much in just 7 days, lots of travelling but was a really fun group! All ages and all cultures. Made really good freinds

By: I love Expat - from: South Africa

2012-11-03: 9/27/2012 Great Britain Tour

The tour covered a lot of places we wanted to see in a short period of time. We expected a lot of time on the bus since it covers over 1400 miles in 7 days. Be prepared for a lot of bus riding and watching movies. While our guide and bus driver tried, they had neither done this tour before so it started out with "don't know if this is the place". Not their fault to be assigned to a tour they had never done. Management should have at least had one of them to have done the tour before. The accommodations were very adequate and clean - only one was below par (Rob Roy). The sights we saw were all very good - but be prepared that many places you only get 1 to 2 hours with a max. of 3 hrs. to visit. Remember that is the norm on a tour of this type. When our bus driver changed to a regular one on this route it was amazing the knowledge he had and we could see the difference it would have made if he had done the entire tour. Several stops were not open when we arrived so all we did was take a photo of it. The trip to Cardiff was disappointing as it basically spend the night. The breakfast and dinners that were included were all very good. The guide really tried to do her best on a tour she had never done. We did have flat tire and they did a fantastic job of finding a good place for us to stop and efficiently handled the tire being changed. The tour met our goal of seeing several sights in a short period of time. The price for this tour compared to other "Taste of Britain Tours" was the attraction to us. Overall it is a good tour "taste" of Great Britain. Go prepared to sample the areas and be sure to take the extra excursions even for the extra fees as you probably won't be back again. Another suggestion is to see the sights on the stops and grab a lunch "to go" to eat on the bus. We sometimes spent time on getting a meal and not getting to see the sights.

By: Susie - from: Florida

2012-11-01: Fantastic 7-Day Great Britain Overview

The 7-day GB is a FULL (approx.7am-6pm) 7 days of expansive, 3-country overviews of England, Scotland, & Wales' various historical and well-recognized sites. Be ready to get up early in the mornings! I think ExpatExplore did an excellent job with its overall itinerary, given the fact we traveled 1600+ miles. The Ibis Hotels we stayed in were immaculately clean [...], and catered full morning breakfasts. 3 dinner meals were also included in the tour price (Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff). Several GB regional or history-specific DVDs were shown on the bus trip, if one didn't want to watch the passing countryside. The only drawback was, while reaching several of the tour's spots, we appeared to have a "wayward bus driver," who either didn't know how to use his GPS or who didn't want to use his GPS ~ 1st day of tour: 3x around London (Ibis-Greenwich)before heading out to Cambridge; the wrong Inverness boat tour stop, so we almost missed our Loch Ness tour boat cruise to Urquhart Castle, trying to reach the right dock; and then a flat tire, so we had to make an unscheduled lunchstop @Gretna on the Green, Scotland, thus canceling our Keswick lunch. [...]Take the trip; it's a fantastic overview of the British Isles!

By: loveDK74 - from: Austin, TX USA

2012-11-01: Great way to see Great Britain

The trip is an excellent way to get a good overview of the UK. Very well organised by our tour leader [@] Surprisingly good accommodation and food, amazing that it can all be done for the price paid. Highlights were; Edinburgh, Loch Ness Cruise and Whisky Tasting in the Scottish Highlands.

By: Sean - from: Worthing, West Sussex, UK

2012-10-21: Excellent Value for Money!

My sis and I went on the Great Britain tour from Oct 3-10, 2012. I was celebrating my 30th birthday on the 9th and I thought what better way to spend it than travelling to places I've never been? When I found the tour, I was just blown away by how much cheaper it was than other tours, so I did my due diligence, checked out some reviews and booked it right away, months before our scheduled travel date.We were a bit anxious at the beginning, but we shouldn't have worried. We were picked up at Ibis Greenwich on time, and from the moment we got on the coach, we knew it would be a good trip. When we did our introductions on the coach, almost a third of our group were "repeat customers" of Expat Explore, so we knew we were in good hands. Our tour leader, [@] and our driver [@], were excellent companions, telling us about the sights, insider tips, places to eat and such, and took us from place to place with great efficiency. The trip was well organized, and it's an excellent way to meet new people.There are some caveats, because of the number of places to visit, there are times you feel rushed, but I think what's good about the tour is that you get to "sample" the places and then you can decide which ones to go back to at a more leisurely pace. With the price, we were prepared to stay in small inns/B&Bs, but surprisingly our accommodations were quite decent, with Holiday Inn, Premier Inn, Ibis and Caledonian hotel. Hotel locations were good too, especially the Premier Inn in Cardiff and the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh. We were also pleasantly surprised that we had full English breakfasts all the way, and there were even some dinners included in the cost of the tour, and we also had great walking tours from local guides and got to ride a punt in Cambridge. Really, really excellent value for money, so I will not hesitate to recommend this to others, and am already saving up for the 17 day Western Europe tour. :)

By: Van - from: Manila, Philippines

2012-10-16: [...]

The programme is well organized, the hotels are great except IBIS hotels, I would pay more if you can change IBIS to Holiday Inn. It's worth the money we paid.We are now on your ULTIMATE 26 DAYS, 11 countries tour, [...]

By: Chaik. - from: Bangkok, Thailand

2012-10-15: Sure, I would recommend this 7 days.

Very worthful for money spent. Great hotel i.e. Holiday Inn but not IBIS hotel. Increase fee more and use only Holiday Inn hotels, the Oban Calidonian hotel is great too. Tour leader, [...] is very efficient and control all the situation plus[...] the driver, both are your asset that you should keep them long. Everyone loves them so much. I would recommend my friends to join your tour for sure. thanks a million.

By: Maechang - from: Bangkok, Thailand

2012-10-12: Great Britain,great surprise!!

First of all,meeting my travel mates at the hotel the first morning,we all shared the same thoughts:the trip seemed to inexpensive to be legit and/or decent,we may be stranded by a non-existent Expatexplore,haha. Nothing was farther from the truth.Beth met us with her bouyant self and soon we were loaded onto the comfortable bus, starting our breathtaking and fun packed adventure!! I still miss my bus buddies so much!!

By: Silly Maddy - from: Chicago

2012-10-02: Great Britain 7 days , 20-26 Sept 2012

Incredible GB bus tour in 7 full days. Wonderful 1500+ mile trip. Variety of tour activities in each town. Lots of historic sites, time to meander in various GB cities, whisky distillery, and relatively comfortable hotel accommodations. (One should NOT expect typical USA hotel room setup/bed sizes, however, these GB overnight rooms were all clean w/ crisp, white bedsheets, friendly & helpful hotel staff, more than adequate food selections/varieties for both breakfasts & dinners) Refreshing coffee/tea w/ cream + biscuits/cookies available in every hotel room visited. Initial bus driver of 4 days got lost several times within GB - even leaving London, driving around 3x in the same area!(including bus flat tire), thus delaying our arrival in various scheduled sightseeing towns or eliminating a particular town. So, our actual, available touring time was shortened during the several days' visits. Bus windows were dirty, making it difficult to see out or take pictures from inside the bus if it rained. (I noticed other company tour busdrivers in the bus parking lots, using Squeegees on their bus windows when their tourists went into the towns for sightseeing.) Sunday, Sept.23 arrival for Inverness boat ride: lunch beforehand was difficult to find due to bus's early morning arrival and all restaurants still closed...[only cafe open was the one near the bus station dropoff, and the food options were meager] SO MANY sheep and English/Scottish on the drive north ~ would like to have stopped at a Northern English farm to either pet the sheep and/or see how they are sheared. (Or, are all these sheep & cows sent to the slaugherhouse??) All in all, I think the 7-day GB tour was an excellent one. We had almost perfect weather every day, lots of sunshine in Edinburgh for castle tour. Inspite of its length, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the countrysides from the bus as they changed geographically over the miles. Bus driver became lost again finding Inverness tour location, so we almost missed our Loch Ness boat ride. The only 'poor accommodations' were the ones @The Rob Roy Hotel, Aberfoyle, Stirling, however, due to the geographical location of our drive south from Inverness, this particular hotel appeared to be the only large hotel that could accommodate a large tour bus crowd. Our rooms were clean, the housekeeping staff friendly, albeit its decor was a bit 'rustic'. No mention of the famous Rob Roy was made by our tour guide... this legendary local folk hero could have been described in greater detail, etc. Or a DVD played on the bus, while driving toward this hotel in the nearby Trossachs. Fantastic displays of pervasive wind engine turbines on hillsides. Tour buses need seats that have backpocket mesh 'baskets', so magazines, apparel, souvenirs can be organized/stored in front of each passenger for easy access instead of in the overhead compartment. Also, places are needed for holding drinks or cups.

By: Denmark74 - from: Austin, TX USA

2012-10-01: Good Great Britain tour

Overall good

By: Tom - from: Edinburgh

2012-08-12: Great Britain tour- 12th July 2012

We took the risk of booking this tour of expat explore through net since none of the travel agents in Oman nor our friends are aware of the expat explore but that turned out to be cost effective and wonderful life time experience. The tour was professionally organized right from the comfort of the bus, seletion of hotels like IBIS, Premier inn, places of interest in England, Scotland and Wales etc. Excellent driver [@]with good navigation skills, maintain the time schedules perfectly and greets all the passengers cheerfully everytime. Above all wonderful, knowledgeable and cheerful tour guide [@] really made the difference and treated all the tourists equally, cheerfully and her knowledge, way of presentation are very good besides better than special local guides in Edinburgh and other places of importance. [@] made our 25th wedding anniversary (13th July) memorable and we enjoyed her quiz. My wife and daughter won the quiz and got two tee shirts to become the ambassador of expat regards

By: Ram, Viji and Akshaya - from: Muscat, Oman

2012-07-14: A Must for your to do List

My family and I went on this tour this in June. It was well worth the money. The choices of stops-cities, towns rural and in between areas gave a great prespective of Bristish culture and history. The choices of hotels were also great. They were clean, centrally situated and offered value for money. The scenery while driving was picturesques (thankfully the weather cooperated). The tour guide and driver were wonderful. They were knowledgeable, competent and friendly. This tour is a great way to see Britian in a short period of time. Caution-there is a lot of walking so where comfortable shoes.

By: Margaret - from: The Commonweath of The Bahamas

2012-07-05: June 7 Day uk tour

Great tour really the wife and i really enjoyed every minute of it our tour guide [@]and our Driver [@] where both fantastic very knowledgeable. a deifinate asset to xpat.The tour was good valur for money, we all saw plenty in the amount of time we had weather was ok, typical english weather. I can recommend this tour to anybody of any age to go on. There where 4 of us on this tour and we where known as the 4 musketeers.

By: 4 musketeers - from: Houghton Regis Bedfordshire

2012-06-21: Worth Every Penny...n Good!!!

Its was packed and fun trip. The hotel was excellent condition... The food also nice. It just the weather that keep us from total explode!!!For those who want to know more please join the tour and not by reading the review. I can't explained in words how good and best this tour is. You should feel and experience it by yourself as I did with my mother and my auntie. Wuhuuuuuuu!!!! Can't wait for next year tour - 'The Best of Egypt' There is only 1 thing that i believe can make this trip perfect is to include visit Beatles Museum at Liverpool and Stadium Tour at Cardiff. I hope Expat will looked into this and try to make it the best Great Britain Tour!!!!

By: Rajagurun - from: Kuala Lumpur

2012-05-24: Great all inclusive Jam-packed Tour!

I really enjoyed the whole tour. It's a great way to see so many different cities, towns, monuments, castle etc in short amount of time over the 7 days on the tour. For the cost of the tour its great value as not only do you not have to worry about transportation, you also have great accommodation taken care of, as well as most of your meals included. It's nice to have pretty much everything taken care of for you for a change.Our tour guide [@] was really helpful if anyone needed it, she was knowledgeable and told us a lot of history in each place we went to. She was also friendly and fun. I met a lot of people from all walks of life and it's great to be able to meet people of all different ages and backgrounds from all around the world. We had walking tours, organised activities as well as having free time to do as we pleased in most places. Although the time in each place is short, it's almost like a taste tester so you find out what places you would maybe like to go back to another time. I know I definitely want to go back to Edinburgh! There is a fair amount of time spent on the bus between places, but they provide plenty of rest and comfort stops and the bus is always clean and tidy with plenty of room. A few games and some movies/music along the way as well to keep you entertained. I spent most of my time looking out the window at the amazing scenery while on the bus.I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone of any age who is wanting to see a lot of different places around the UK.Thank you so much! :)

By: skittlesismyhomegirl - from: Currently London (Australian)

2012-02-28: BRILLIANT!!!!


By: sam - from: bristol

Included in Tour

What's Included:
  • 6 Nights accommodation in twin rooms. Single travellers have the option to pay a single supplement to ensure a private room
  • 6 Breakfasts, 4 Dinners
  • 15 Experiences (including guided walking tours, orientation walks, driving tours  plus other exciting experiences – please see Experiences tab for more information).
  • Public transport used during sightseeing tours is now included. (Not on free days)
  • Modern air-conditioned motorcoach with reclining seats.
  • Services of your Expat tour leader who will be on hand with advice and tips and ensure that you get the most from your trip.  You can also book any of the optional excursions available during your tour with your tour leader – please see Essential Information tab for more details.
  • All taxes and fees.
  • Experienced tour leader
  • Free Expat Explore tour souvenir
  • Sightseeing as described.

REMEMBER ALL TOURS ARE GUARANTEED DEPARTURES AND WILL OPERATE.   Many other companies that operate tours of Europe cancel tours if minimum numbers are not achieved or will only guarantee some departure dates.  All tours operated by Expat Explore are guaranteed departures and will operate.*

 * See terms and conditions for further details. 

Tour Essential Information

This is where you'll find all the extra information about your tour, from departure times and meeting points, to tips on what to pack and details of what time you'll arrive back in London. Click the links below for more information.


REMEMBER ALL TOURS ARE GUARANTEED DEPARTURES AND WILL OPERATE.   Many other companies that operate tours of Europe cancel tours if minimum numbers are not achieved or will only guarantee some departure dates.  All tours operated by Expat Explore are guaranteed departures and will operate. 


Click here for FAQs.

Meeting Letter: Meeting point details, arrival in London, important passenger information and contact details.

Optional Excursions: Optional activities available on your Great Britain tour.

Pre-departure information: Everything you need to know before you leave on your tour.