• 12 January 2021

A question on many travellers’ lips: is now the right time to travel to Turkey? The short of the long is a resounding YES! In fact, Turkey is still a firm favourite among travellers – even more than ever before. With the perfect mix of delectable food, colourful culture and friendly locals, it’s easy to understand why it’s becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world. So, if we were you, we’d book those tickets for future trips to Turkey right now, because this transcontinental destination is hot, hot, hot!

Here are some of the other reasons why now is the best time to travel to Turkey:

Turkey is a cross-cultural marvel

This is quite literally where east meets west. The country is a natural land bridge between Europe, the Caucasus, the Black Sea coast and the Arab Peninsula. As such it has plenty of European and Asian influences from all sides.  Even though there are always some things to keep in mind, it’s one of the most accessible Middle Eastern nations.

food market, Turkey

There are so many awesome things to see

The Goreme Valley Open Air Museum in Cappadocia! Anitkabir, the mausoleum of the famed President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The Travertines in Pamukkale. The site of the Temple of Artemis. The poignant Gallipoli Battlefields. Troy and Pergamum! There is no end to the many wonderful things to see and do.

Turkish food is wonderful

Turkish food is without frills but full of flavour. If the thought of finicky French food puts you off, this is going to be right up your alley. Meat lovers, assemble! There are lamb dishes in every shape and form. Not to mention 50+ types of kebab! Warm, crusty flatbreads fresh out of the oven. Glistening olives, dew-dappled tomatoes and creamy cheeses. And plenty of Asian influences to boot. This is a great place to eat.

The shopping is pretty spectacular

Turkey’s bazaars are legendary. Yes, there are crowds, but, man, is it worth it. This is where you’ll find epic pottery, lanterns, fabrics, spices and more. Istanbul is also home to the Sahaflar Çarşısı. This second-hand book market has been around since the Byzantine period! How amazing? Also – Turkish Delight. Sample it wherever you go and take home at least a few varieties.

The Turks are great hosts

The Turks are super relaxed and welcoming. The locals are friendly and their customs are fascinating. Locals are quick to welcome visitors into their shops, restaurants and homes and share their way of life.

There are so many facts to know about Turkey and an abundance of reasons to visit this incredible destination. Turkey should be on your must-visit list and the time to book that trip is now!

Questions & Comments

  1. Would like to book for Turkey. We are 5 pax.Possible 9.
    Need possible price. Probably hoping for March or June.

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Kasefa,

      It is fantastic that you’re looking to explore with us!

      Turkey is an amazing country! We have a Highlights of Turkey 10 day tour that may interest you.

      You are able to view the tour here.

      As we are an online business, you are able to book via our website or contact one of our friendly sales agents instead.

      Hope to see you aboard our Highlights of Turkey tour soon!

  2. Hi I want to travel to turkey in march and we are 4 adults 1 child can u quote the best price for us we want to stay for 5 days

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Uday,

      How amazing that you would like to visit turkey!

      One of our sales agents will be in contact with you.

      Hope to see you on one of our Turkey tours soon!

  3. Vinod Sachdeva says:

    Like to visit Turkey please let me know the best time to visit Turkey

  4. please send me more info on your turkey tours

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Roline,

      It is fantastic that you are interested in our Turkey tours.

      One of our agents will contact you with more information.

      Hope to see you on our Turkey tour soon!

  5. Any trip for november around 20th

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Suhaylah,

      Unfortunately we do not have any Turkey departures around that time period.

      We do have several other tours that may interest you, maybe Croatia?

      You are welcome to view our amazing tours here.

      Hope to see you traveling with us soon!

  6. Fransie Collier says:

    More information and dates and prices

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Fransie,

      It is fantastic that you would like to visit Turkey.

      You are able to contact one of our sales agents or have a look at our Turkey tours online.

      Follow the link here for Turkey tours,dates and prices.

      Hope to see you on one of our Turkey tours soon!

  7. Christa potgieter says:

    Hi we are three ladies who wish to tour Turkey within the next three weeks for 10 days. Please can you give us quotation without flights. Tel. 27 614037403

    • Guest Explorers says:

      Hi Christa,

      How exciting that you would like to visit Turkey!

      One of our sales agents will be contacting you soon.

  8. May Casiguran says:

    I wanted to know more about touring Turkey, schedules & price of tour for 2019

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi May,
      It is fantastic that you are interested in our Turkey tours.

      One of our agents will contact you with more information.
      Feel free to contact them should you require assistance with your travel arrangements.

      Hope to see you on one of our Expat tours soon!

  9. jo ann pinto says:

    how much is your turkey tour?how many days?thanks

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Jo ann,

      It is fantastic that you are interested in our Turkey tours.

      One of our sales agents will contact you with more information.

      We hope to see you aboard one of our amazing tours soon!

  10. Araceli hernandez says:

    Is greece included in your turkey adventure? How muchmm.

    • Hi Araceli,

      Greece is not included in our Highlights of Turkey tour.

      If you would like to have a look at our amazing Greek tours, you are able to find them here.

      Hope to see you travelling with us soon!

  11. Nalene Mohammed says:

    please quote price for 4 adults.

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Nalene,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Please indicate the tour and the currency, in order for me to provide you a quote.

  12. Johan Weideman says:

    How much is the single supplement ?

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Johan,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The single supplement for the Highlights of Turkey – 10 days tour is at 8140.00 ZAR per person for the full duration of the tour.

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