What to expect on a Bulgaria holiday with Expat Explore

Bulgaria travel is becoming more popular by the day, and with good reason! A fascinating destination that boasts a rich historical background that includes cultural influences from four major empires - Greek, Persian, Slavic and Ottoman. One of those special European countries that retained a modicum of mystery.

Things to do in Bulgaria

Escorted tours of Bulgaria normally include a visit to the beautiful capital city of Sophia, a destination that clings to the ravishing foothills of the Vitosha Mountain in Western Bulgaria and lends itself to thoughtful exploration by those who seek to uncover the secrets of its intriguing culture.

Did you know?

  • Bulgaria's name has not changed since it was first established in 681AD.
  • Sofia, a city that you will have the opportunity to explore on Expat Explore's guided tours of Bulgaria, was founded over 7000 years ago, which makes it the second oldest city throughout Europe!
  • The country is renowned for its exceptional rose oil, which is used in the preparation of some of the world's most popular perfumes. It takes approximately 1000 rose petals to produce 1 ml of this oil.
  • Bulgaria trips often include a visit to one of the region's much-loved wine producers, and with good reason - historical evidence suggests that wine has been produced here since the Stone Age!
  • Bulgarians share martenitsas, tokens of good health and happiness made from red and white thread, on the first of March every year.
  • The country has 600+ natural mineral springs - the highest number in Continental Europe.

Bulgaria tours with Expat Explore

Now that you've got a good idea of what Bulgaria has it offer, it's time to book a tour of Bulgaria to experience it first-hand! At Expat Explore, a foray to Bulgaria is included on one of our best-loved Europe coach tour packages - the comprehensive 16-day Balkan Explorer. Also keep an eye on our last minute holiday deals for great rates on group packages; or take advantage of early bird rates to pick up a holiday adventure for a song.

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