• 16 August 2019

While travelling is always exciting, it can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you’re travelling alone. It can be a lot to take in, being in a new country all alone, with no familiar faces around – especially if you’re visiting a destination that may have a reputation regarding safety. 

On the other hand, many swear by travelling alone, and manage this with ease, multiple times a year. There are many benefits to travelling alone which you don’t experience when going on holiday with others. 

For those looking to travel solo in the near future, we’ve created this list of some of the best places to travel alone, all around the world. These are all spots which are known for being solo-visitor friendly, with easy access to transport and novel ideas for getting around the language barrier.

The 6 Best Solo Travel Destinations

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is a hallmark of what a country ‘safe to travel alone’ should look like, as far as we’re concerned. 

It has an incredibly low crime rate combined with a great quality of living for most people, free education and a strong economy, making for a perfect (although pricey) place for going on vacation alone. 

Denmark has a great public transport system, meaning you can travel all around Copenhagen and the rest of the country without hassle, or delays. You may run into some language barrier issues outside the capital, but for the most part, a simple “I’m lost” or “which way is the train” will never have you met with a puzzled look. 

There is some fantastic cuisine, art, history and culture to be enjoyed in Copenhagen. Some ideas for a first-time visitor would be to check out Noma, a two Michelin-star restaurant in the capital, and Christiania, a small hippy-commune style village where you can find interesting folk of all shapes and sizes.

Famous stork fountain in Amagertorv Square
Famous stork fountain in Amagertorv Square

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a really lovely place to have a safe and welcoming solo adventure, whether it’s your first or hundredth time travelling on your own. While the city has a bit of a reputation as a party city, it’s the way the city is able to control this phenomenon that makes it a spot for some of the best solo trips around. 

Talking about getting around, a bicycle is all you need. They’re littered all over the city, and you can easily hire a bike in one spot, cycle somewhere, and check it back in wherever you’ve arrived. It’s also quite easily navigable for those who don’t speak any Dutch since, thanks to the large volume of multinational tourists, signage and directions are all clear and concise. 

There is, of course, an endless list of things to do in Amsterdam, from the museums and art galleries to the coffee shops. It also hosts a sprawling countryside that’s just as easy to traverse on a bike as it is in a van. It’s still important, however, to remember that if you’re travelling solo and wanting to go out to party, you should have a buddy with you. Whether it’s someone from your Amsterdam tour group, or some locals you meet who you feel you can trust. It’s always advised to have someone with you when you’re out experiencing the nightlife.

Tulip fields in Amsterdam
Tulip fields in Amsterdam

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is an incredibly safe and secure place to travel. In fact, if you lose your phone, you’ll almost definitely get it back. 

It’s common to see small children travelling alone on public transport, and while the train system can take a while to get your head around, it’s one of the best-functioning transport systems on the globe. 

There are endless solo vacation ideas when it comes to what to do in Tokyo, from shopping and sightseeing to the incredible cuisine, and fascinating history of the island nation. You won’t soon run out of things to do in Japan.

Locals wearing a traditional kimono at the Sensoji Temple
Locals wearing traditional kimono at the Sensoji Temple

4. Quebec City, Canada

Canada is known to be a safe and secure destination to visit – regardless of the size of the group you’re with. Quebec City itself is a very safe place, and is one of the most recommended destinations along the East Coast of America, especially when considering a vacation for one. 

Quebec is one of the French-speaking cities in Canada, and while signage and accents might be tricky, you’d struggle to find a Quebecan who can’t converse with you in English. 

Walking around alone in the daytime isn’t an issue just about anywhere in the city, and the people of Quebec City are known to be friendly and helpful, should you ever find yourself lost or in a confusing situation.

The famous Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City
The famous Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City

5. Athens, Greece

Greece still remains one of the safest places to travel in Europe, if travelling alone. This applies, in some ways, even more to the remote locations in Greece, than it does to the capital city of Athens

Whether you’re going for the food, the incredibly well-documented and recorded history, or the beautiful vistas you can experience in Greece, the one thing you don’t have to worry about is crime. 

Locals and your tour leader will be sure to let you know if there are certain areas that need to be avoided. Greece remains one of the most recommended travel destinations for safety and quiet for good reason, and you’ll feel right at home here travelling alone, no matter how much of a shy person or homebody you are. That’s simply the Greek way.

One of the oldest streets in Athens ending at the Arch of Hadrian
One of the oldest streets in Athens ending at the Arch of Hadrian

6. Dublin, Ireland

The incredibly short distances between city-centre and countryside, make exploring Ireland the perfect start to a solo vacation. 

Dublin is certainly one of the safest cities to traverse alone by night, being well-lit and policed, with reliable public transport systems that run well past dark. It has a rich and intense cultural history, which encompasses landmarks, natural phenomena, and best of all, a rich oral history. Here’s a hot tip – if you’re looking for an authentic historical Irish experience, have a chat with someone elderly and friendly at a pub – you’ll hear about stories and history you won’t find in a museum. 

Ireland will leave you feeling green with envy if it’s not included in your solo travel list, and we can’t stress enough how it’s one of the best places to travel solo, for someone looking to avoid the summer hordes hitting Europe.

The famous Dublin Castle
The famous Dublin Castle

You’ve now got a great list of destinations which are ideal for solo travel – so it’s about time to get jet-setting! We wish you all the best on your travels and would love to hear your own experiences of solo travel on our Expat Explore community Facebook page. #bettertogether

What we love about Solo Vacations

The main reason we love the idea of solo travel is the freedom it brings to travel. When you’re travelling with other people, there usually comes a point where no one can agree on which itinerary item to visit next. Even if you’re in a relationship, travelling alone doesn’t have to mean ‘vacation for singles’ – personal growth is a great reason to travel.

When travelling solo, you have free reign to spend as much or as little time at the destinations of your choice. You don’t have to worry about anyone else’s complaints or dietary requirements. Even when holidaying with a tour group, you have a different kind of autonomy and control that you just don’t get when you’re with a travel partner.

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