• 15 June 2018

Where’s the best place to celebrate and start the next phase of your life? We’ve rounded up a few of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations for 2019. From lazing on an island, to gambling in the casino. If you’re looking for an unforgettable honeymoon – we’ve got you covered.

Las Vegas (United States)

Las Vegas – There is much more to explore than just the city’s famous casinos

A honeymoon in Vegas is by no means a gamble – the betting mecca gets 300 days of sun a year, which means you’re more than likely to have a sunny good time. Besides being the ultimate spot for a fun elopement, there is much more to explore than just the city’s famous casinos. Take a gondola ride on a canal, hop on a boat on the ‘Nile’, or head out into the desert to climb a canyon. When temperatures go down at night, there are plenty of entertainment options to choose from. Spend the night watching a music show or dancing with your new partner for life!


There is so much to see and do in Greece – the ultimate place for honeymoon

Opa! Greece has plenty of sun year-round, with mild Mediterranean climate winters (wet though, so pack a parka), and balmy, dry summers. As for things to do and stuff to see on a Greece honeymoon – you’re in for long lazy lunches in sun-dappled courtyards, and slow ambles along cobbled walkways to historic landmarks. Rent a scooter, slather on the sunscreen, and take your pick. Whether you go island-hopping on a Santorini honeymoon or stick to the mainland, you’re in for a treat.


Chasing la dolce vita through Italy

Dreaming of an Italy honeymoon? Chasing la dolce vita throughout Rome, and along the cliffs and beaches of the famed Amalfi coast is a great way to go. Not to mention the turquoise waters of Capri! With more than three centuries of history, Italy is a superb option if you like your holiday destinations chock full of culture. The weather will depend on where you go – Italy’s climate varies quite a bit from the north to the south. Summers are dry and mild, while winters are quite wet, with frequent snowfall in the Alpine regions.

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It’s not known as the ‘City of Love’ for nothing!

A honeymoon in Paris is the stuff that dreams are made of. It’s not known as the ‘City of Love’ for nothing! Besides the obvious hotspots like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe, there are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore at your leisure. Sip wine at street cafes, amble along the Seine, catch a show and soak up the inimitable romance of the city at large. The weather peaks in July, with averages of 20°C, and turns icy in January. May is quite wet, so pack your parasol!


Limerick city. Beautiful scenery and quaint villages await in Ireland

Aaaaah, the Emerald Isle. Ireland is packed to the rafters with stunning scenery, historic landmarks, lovely gardens and welcoming locals. Kiss the Blarney Stone to get the gift o’ the gab, drink a Guinness in the Storehouse and make your way to the Giant’s Causeway to stand in awe. Just note that you are likely to get a little wet no matter what time of year you visit. May to mid-September is generally the driest time of the year, but in Ireland that’s not saying too much. Pack a raincoat and embrace the occasional downpours – it’s the reason for all the gorgeous greenery after all.

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Tulum. The beaches of Mexico are truly something to behold

Looking for a sultry, spicy locale to get your post-wedding glow on? A Mexico honeymoon should be at the top of your list. Explore the vast reaches of Mexico City and get stuck in their excellent cuisine. From tamales to tacos, chiles rellenos to freshly fried churros dipped in deep, dark chocolate sauce, these folks know how to cook. Then there are the beaches! And the markets with all the colourful keepsakes you can dream of! Just be ready to get a little sweaty – the country’s climate is generally hot and humid and can be quite daunting at the height of summer.

South Africa

Kruger National Park. South Africa offers honeymooners the chance to enjoy surf, safari and sun

A South Africa honeymoon ticks a whole lot of boxes. Naturally, a safari honeymoon is a possibility – the country is home to a wide variety of game reserves and wildlife lodges. However, there’s a lot more to enjoy. Thrilling adventure activities along the Whale Coast. Cosmopolitan city encounters in Cape Town and Johannesburg. How about a visit to the actual Cradle of Humankind? Best of all – the weather is excellent. There is plenty of sunshine all year round, and even in winter, temperatures seldom drop to uncomfortable levels. Just be sure to take some sunscreen!

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Brac Island. Croatia is filled to the brim with picturesque islands

A Croatia honeymoon is by no means a paint-by-numbers affair. The country has so much to offer that you can really tailor a post-wedding holiday exactly to your liking. From majestic mountains, to verdant forests and rolling golden plains, epic scenery abounds. Not to mention pristine national parks and mind-boggling historical landmarks like the Diocletian’s Palace. Croatia’s weather is quite pleasant year-round, with moderate (yet wet) winters and warm, dry summers. Best time to go? The shoulder seasons between May and June, and September and October are your best bet.

United Kingdom

York. From villages to rolling hills – the UK is an idyllic place for a honeymoon

A UK honeymoon is an excellent option if you want to go from inner-city entertainment to pastoral peace and quiet without missing a beat. London might be one of the world’s oldest cities, but it is filled to the brim with excellent theatres, museums, luxury accommodation, restaurants and more. Overflowing with grand manors and royal castles, once you make your way out into the countryside it’s all romance and charm. As for the weather, the UK is notoriously blustery, so be sure to dress in light layers no matter when you go. January is the coldest month at an average of 5°C, while July clocks in as the hottest at around 19°C.

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Hoi An. Vietnam is beautiful and filled with stunning destinations

Southeast Asia has emerged as one of the most popular Millennial travel destinations over the past few years, and with good reason – there is so much to discover and enjoy. A Vietnam honeymoon is an excellent choice if you want a combination of seaside splendour and historical intrigue. Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, swim in sparkling bays and discover bustling cities. There are also plenty of adventure activities to enjoy. The weather is generally good, but certain areas are known to become quite humid and uncomfortable over summer and monsoon season. The country has a tropical and temperate zone, so the climate will depend on where you’re headed.

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