• 12 October 2020

People are slowly starting to travel here and there, which is a good sign that things are looking up for the travel industry – and for all of our future travel plans! Of course, there are still many people who would rather wait it out until the pandemic is as managed as it can be. Regardless of which camp you’re in, the rollercoaster of events that have happened in 2020 has shown just how situations can change on a dime. When getting ready for an upcoming trip, whether its a summer vacation or winter holiday, taking the time to prepare will make your travels as enjoyable as possible. 

In order to help move the preparation process along, we’ve compiled a quick guide to choosing the best clothes for summer and winter holidays, especially if you’re travelling during the festive season.

Here are a few helpful tips for choosing what to pack for your holiday. These fashion staples will help you stay comfortable, stylish and prepared for all kinds of weather while on holiday!

Plan your packing ahead of time to make the most of your trip!

What to pack for a summer vacation

A collared shirt

You may already have your favourite tees in tow, but a smart shirt will help you look put together without any effort. Kadiz’s printed Cuban shirt is exactly what we mean when we talk about a fashion staple that’s also functional, as the soft viscose material keeps you cool while also adding lots of vibrancy to this fun print. A summer break is all about having fun, and the clothes you wear should also reflect that mindset.

A summer dress

You can’t go wrong with a summer dress, and bringing at least one great dress is a must if you’re taking a trip during the festive season in the Southern Hemisphere. Shake it up with different styles such as shirt dresses, maxi dresses and wrap dresses – whatever feels best on you! Going monochrome is another way to add a sense of sophistication to your outfit, but for a summer getaway try to stay away from dark hues as they tend to feel hotter.

A summer dress is a versatile piece that will keep you cool and comfortable during the warmer seasons.
Sturdy sandals and walking shoes

Chunky sandals are making a comeback, which is great news considering that they are the footwear style of choice once the summer heat sets in. Several brands include a padded footbed into their shoes and have some traction on the soles, making it perfect for both wandering city streets or lounging around by the beach. Another great thing about trusty sandals is that they match with practically everything else. In addition to the sandals, if you are planning on doing a lot of sightseeing, comfortable closed walking shoes are a great addition to your luggage.

What to pack for a winter holiday

A warm statement jacket

Travelling during winter is all about layering up: topping your outfit off with a statement jacket ensures that you aren’t sacrificing style for comfort if you’re going on a special festive season trip for New Years or Christmas. The Evening Standard’s fashion team recommends double-breasted coats as a piece that will never go out of style, especially if you pair it with a tweed print. This silhouette works well for both men and women; imagine how classy you’ll appear when it’s time to take some snaps!

You’ll be all about style, warmth and comfort in a statement jacket.
A versatile jumper

Speaking of layers, a jumper (also known as a sweater) is another necessary piece that can keep you warm without the fuss. If you’re travelling to places in southern Europe, you might find that a cosy jumper and a light jacket is enough to get you by — depending, of course, on how well you’re able to tolerate the cold. As far as styling goes, neutral hues like grey or beige are universally flattering.


As we mentioned earlier in the article, the right footwear is an absolute essential when it comes to packing for a trip. Boots are the way to go for winter packing, but thankfully there’s a whole range of styles you can choose from. Heavy-duty combat boots would work well if you’re travelling to a particularly snowy locale, but if not you could easily do with a sleek pair of Chelsea boots. Remember to bring warm socks, too.

Travel tip: If you are comfortable enough to travel in your biggest pair of boots/shoes, it’s a good idea to wear them while you travel by plane. This saves you space and weight in your luggage. 

This list is by no means exhaustive but should give you an idea of what kinds of things to look out for when choosing clothes for your holiday. Whether you’re going out for the summer or during the winter months, the right clothes can help you feel and look your best every second of your holiday! 

Written by Eva Duncan for expatexplore.com

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