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When temperatures drop in Europe, there's magic in the air. The winter holidays are around the corner! Is there anything more exciting than hopping a continent on your vacation? We believe it's the very best time to hit the road. European destinations are tailormade for wintertime exploration. Some places can get very cold but, often, that's half the fun!

The best winter vacations in Europe are either about sun or snow. Visitors choose travel packages and places to go based on their personal preference. Some like to head to the Med, where the tours are all about soaking up the sun on the seashore. Italy and Greece have mild winter temperatures. Spain and Portugal also enjoy less frosty conditions. Even in December, there are many bathers on the shore. Of course, Italy also has the Alps. So if you want to have the best of both, simply travel the length of the country. Sun in the south, snow in the north!

As for places to visit that make the most of the snow, there are plenty to choose from. Coach tours to countries like Norway and Sweden are very popular. This is where snowfall is the thickest. Of course, Switzerland is a wonderland of snow in winter. The Interlaken region is a wonderful place to ski. Snowshoeing, ice skating, you name it! If you can slide or glide on it, Switzerland has it. Just imagine, standing on top of Jungfrau and seeing it all laid out in front of you. Nothing comes close.

If you do choose a colder destination in winter, don't worry. Europe is geared for the cold. Indoors, it's toasty and warm thanks to central heating. Outside, all you need to do is wrap up warm. Whip out your favourite scarf, coat, and mittens, and you're good to go! Even winter time food is tailormade for the weather. Imagine skiing and then returning to a snug wood cabin to drink a warm cup of cocoa. Or enjoying cheese fondue while snow pelts the window outside. Stews, soups, warming drinks - Europe has it all. Book your winter vacation now, and dig in.

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