Hungary is positioned right in the centre of Europe - bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia - and therefore perfectly situated for a multi-country Europe tour itinerary. Like many of it’s neighbours, it is a country of contrasts; Communist-era decay against a thoroughly modern revival.

That is not to say that Hungary’s history only goes back a few decades, and no-where is that epitomised more than the capital, Budapest. As the Hapsburg Empire drew to an end in the 19th century, a sense of national pride swept through Hungary, and Budapest later became the second capital of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire. The region experienced a period of great prosperity, which is evident in Budapest's many grand buildings.

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe - it has been described as the ‘Paris of the East’, Budapest has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the banks of the River Danube, Budapest castle and the Parliament building. It also has the second-oldest Metro line in the world and more than 80 thermal baths - perfect for relaxing in after a long day sightseeing around the city!

Expat Explore has several European tours that visit Budapest, including the Europe Jewel, Best of Europe and Taste of Eastern Europe. The Eastern Highlights and Croatian & Eastern Delights tours enjoy a two night stay so that you have a full free day in the capital to explore to your heart’s content.

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