• 17 March 2020

Travelling the world may seem like a dream for your retirement years, but we’re here to tell you that the time is now. Young professionals and students are often so caught up in their busy lives that they forget to take time out to travel.

You may be paying off university or saving for a house and car. And you probably have tons going on every day, meaning you might not have much time to plan. So trips for young adults like you need to be affordable and convenient. This makes group tours a great option.

And whether you travel solo, or with your friends and colleagues, each option has its own benefits. Read on for some of the best vacations for singles in their 20s.

Why group tours make great vacations for singles

Group tours are great for those adventurous individuals who grow from the love of travel. These tours are suitable for solo travellers or for groups of singles. Given that you’ve chosen the tour, you’ve already found a common thread between yourself and the other travellers on the tour.

Planning trips for young adults usually means including destinations that boast the most picturesque landscapes or buildings, as well as having the most diverse range of tours.

The defining characteristic of group tours is that a small deposit is required upon booking, but the remainder of the fee is payable in instalments. So you won’t have to pay a hefty fee all at once!

Experience the famous leaning tower of Pisa
Experience the famous leaning tower of Pisa

The four best singles vacations spots

Research shows that young adults are more interested in spending their money on travelling instead of using it to make large material purchases.

For many young people, experience matters more than things. And who can blame them? With the rapid increase in technology, the world has become more connected and it’s now much easier to see, learn and do more than ever before.

Fortunately, group tours all form part of this experience-based economy. They save you the hassle and stress of having to plan transport, accommodation, and even some meals. They’re designed to be as convenient and fun as possible for all ages.

1. Extend your single’s retreat across 6 countries in Europe

Going to Europe can become difficult when having to choose where to travel to, especially after having travelled a considerable distance. And there’s just so many incredible destinations to choose from!

In only ten days, a Rome to London tour will venture into the continents most iconic landmarks and its most sought-after cities.

This is especially popular among travel groups for travellers in their 20s, because it achieves so much, and covers so many diverse landscapes in a short timeframe. Europe is home to some of the best vacation spots for singles, from Amsterdam to Venice, you’ll surely fall in love with the cities, if not the locals.

If you take part in this tour solo, you won’t have to be worried about safety, or about making new friends because these are popular solo traveller destinations.

Explore all the famous landmarks Europe has to offer
Explore all the famous landmarks Europe has to offer
2. Get cultured in South-East Asia

South-East Asia has become an increasingly favoured destination for travellers, specifically millennials between the ages of 18 and 35.

This could be due to the well-priced, tropically beautiful and culturally unique countries found here. This explains why our Vietnam and Cambodia tour consists of over 40 experiences!

Vietnam and Cambodia’s friendly locals add to the experience as they share their way of life and culture with visitors. From learning how to make a traditional lantern to learning how to cook local seafood dishes, you’re sure to fall in love with these South-East Asian societies.

The Golden Bridge is lifted by two giant hands in the tourist resort on Ba Na Hill in Danang, Vietnam
The Golden Bridge is lifted by two giant hands in the tourist resort on Ba Na Hill in Danang, Vietnam
3. Go wild in South Africa

South Africa has proven to have enough unique attractions to fill a two-week national tour. It has a diversified landscape, each with different climates and atmospheres. Whether you’re in its tropical rainforests, white-sand beaches or arid desert – you’ll never be short of exciting experiences here!

In actual fact, you’ll have a total of 38 experiences on offer here, for a reasonable price. South Africa is an attractive destination for international millennials because it boasts world-class major cities with great nightlife and flourishing creative industry. And it provides completely different experiences too, such as intimate nature experiences where you can see wildlife in their natural habitats.

This year-round destination boasts some of the best weather globally. If you’re looking for beach vacations for singles, then South Africa will really impress you with its extensive coastline.

Panorama of Cape Town, South Africa. The city beach against magnificent mountains
Panorama of Cape Town, South Africa. The city beach against magnificent mountains
4. Follow your dreams to North America

Travelling to Canada and the USA may seem impossible to complete in just one trip. Well, we’ve created a tour that covers some of the most famed North American cities, such as New York and Toronto.

Canada and the USA are worlds apart in terms of scenery and culture. Our Eastern USA and Canadian tour combines these two worlds into one by letting you stay in nine different locations throughout both countries.

Times Square, a busy tourist intersection and an iconic street of New York City
Times Square, a busy tourist intersection and an iconic street of New York City

And although it’s a pretty jam-packed tour, you’ll never feel too rushed. You even get a three-night stay in the Big Apple. There’s also the chance to visit and explore both Canada and the USA’s capital cities – Ottawa and Washington D.C.

For young, single individuals, the North American countries are ideal. This is mostly because of the vibrant party scene, large youthful presence and world-renowned entertainment industry. And although you’ll only be visiting these two countries, the cities chosen are extremely unique and each offers a distinct experience.

The best singles’ adventures are those where you either go with a group of friends, or solo in a planned group tour. Millennials share similar interests in travel, so it’s more likely to find like-minded travellers today than previously. This means that you’ll never truly be alone on any trip.

View of Nathan Phillips Square and Toronto Sign in downtown Toronto
View of Nathan Phillips Square and Toronto Sign in downtown Toronto

On the above-mentioned tours, we ensure that you directly engage with the local culture so that you feel part of a community other than the travel group too.

We live in an era where discovering this fascinating planet has become more and more accessible. So, take advantage of these opportunities while you’re still single because these are the years to be free and follow your wanderlust!

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