• 2 October 2020

Every group of girlfriends has got to go on a travel adventure at least once together! Life can get so busy, and we need time to relax and soak in good moments with the amazing women around you. Taking time off to travel with your girlfriends will give you the chance to grow together whilst taking in extraordinary landscapes, beaches, natural paradises, hidden gems and so much more. Luckily, you can find some of the best places for girl trips in every corner of the globe.

While travel may not be on the cards right now, it will be again in the future, so now is the perfect time to start planning trips! Whether you want to celebrate that big birthday, your best friend’s promotion, an exciting engagement, or perhaps you simply want a chance to make new memories together, there are a number of reasons to travel with your best girlfriends! 

Take a look at the list of the most unmissable girls trip ideas for you to enjoy with your closest companions below.

1. Relax in Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands 

Leave the guys behind and take your girlfriends for one of the best exotic vacations in Dutch land! Sunbathe and sip mojitos on the white sand shores of the southern Caribbean Sea. There are so many beautiful places for you and your girlfriends to enjoy, from picturesque beaches to national parks thriving with wildlife – you are bound to make the best memories. 

Let the stress melt away, and laugh your days away together in Aruba! You can even use this as your starting point before continuing on a 12-day Europe escape. You can also travel easy knowing you are in one of the safest countries to visit.

Two friends enjoying the sunset at a beach in Aruba
Two friends enjoying the sunset at a beach in Aruba
2. Escape to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Take a breather with your girlfriends in none other than Cabo San Lucas. You can let your hair down and let your hips swing as you catch the dancing fever of this festive resort city. There is an unending amount of wonderful places to stay, things to do and people to meet along the way. 

Cabo San Lucas is one of the perfect places for you and your girlfriends to let loose and have a great time. Enjoy one of the best girls weekend getaways!

Horseback riding in Cabo San Lucas
Horseback riding in Cabo San Lucas
3. Pub-hop in Dublin, Ireland

If you’re looking for the best 40th birthday trip ideas, then this should be at the top of your list! Experiencing the historical, extraordinarily scenic and pub-packed city of Dublin with your girlfriends is the perfect way to celebrate. You can also book an Irish Explorer tour and experience all the best of Dublin whilst you take in the breathtaking magic of Ireland.

Pub-hopping in Dublin is full of festivity, culture, and luck. You will find all kinds of charming accommodation spots, and a heap of exciting day trips to some of the most beautiful places in the world!

A group of friends celebrating with some Irish beer
A group of friends celebrating with some Irish beer
4. Marvel at the natural views in Napa Valley, California, USA

The rolling rich-green hills of Napa Valley are home to some of the world’s most famous and incredible wine farms! Taste tantalizing white and red wines made on the most revered wineries in America, making for one of the best girls weekend trips to relax. 

Napa Valley is one of the best places to travel in March, and you will never run out of beautiful places to visit and wines to taste. This will be one of the best girls trips you’ve ever had!

Wine tasting in Napa Valley
Wine tasting in Napa Valley vineyards
5. Explore Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is overflowing with fun adventures just waiting for you and the girls! Spend the summer at one of the best girls trip locations and dance the nights away whilst touring Spain

This is one of the best girls weekend ideas if you’re looking for a holiday full of delicious food, friendly locals and beautiful sites! One of the best ways to embrace new countries is to get together on a group tour and travel around Europe, seeing the sights.

Two friends posing at the Sagrada La Familia in Barcelona
Two friends posing at the Sagrada La Familia in Barcelona
6. Journey to Peru, South America

For a unique and eye-opening girls trip, take your ladies on a getaway to the mysterious lands of Peru. Dive into ancient cultures, enjoy sightseeing at some of the most renowned spots, such as Machu Picchu, extinct volcanoes and beautiful rainforests. You can even choose some activities from our ultimate South American bucket list whilst you are there!

We have thrilling group tours available in Peru, with a vast amount of culture and cuisine to treat your soul and taste buds too along the way. 

This is one of the best places to travel in September with the ladies, and you are sure to enjoy every moment together on one of the most fun girls trips.

Showing off at the Plaza de Armes in Lima, Peru
Showing off at the Plaza de Armes in Lima, Peru
7. Feel Free in Las Vegas, United States 

No list of girls trip ideas is complete without the addition of Las Vegas. This popular city is not only a place to get wild with your girls for a bachelorette weekend and visit casinos, but a spellbinding city to simply enjoy uniquely whimsical performances and high-end shopping. 

‘Sin City’ will also surprise you with the number of world-class spas and resorts it is home to – making it the perfect mixture of crazy fun and total relaxation with your best girlfriends.

Did you know? In Spanish, ‘Las Vegas’ actually means “the meadows”. However, after gambling was outlawed in Nevada in 1910, the city continued to have gambling activities in speakeasies and unlawful casinos. By the time the activity was made legal again in 1931, Las Vegas had a large organised crime circle, and so earned the nickname ‘Sin City’.

Friends exploring "Sin City"
Friends exploring “Sin City”
8. Tour Costa Rica, South America

Costa Rica is a lively country full of surprises, friendly faces, festivals, flavoursome food, gorgeous beach paradises and plenty of outstanding attractions. Touring Costa Rica with your girlfriends is a must! 

Every city is brimming with a fascinating heritage, and you will never run out of places to explore and new things to try. You will be blown away. 

Rejuvenate on a girls getaway that will feed your wanderlust as you travel through the bountiful lands of Costa Rica, one of the best girls trip destinations.

A group of friends enjoying the view of the Santa Teresa beach in Costa Rica
A group of friends enjoying the view of the Santa Teresa beach in Costa Rica
9. Lose Track of Time in New Orleans, United States

The ‘Big Easy’ (as New Orleans is popularly known) has something for everyone! You and your girlfriends will be fascinated and inspired by everything that comes your way in New Orleans. The nightlife of this city is truly magnificent, offering a wide variety of bars and events for you to take your pick from. During the day, find remarkable shops, innovative tours, insightful museums and so much more. 

There is always something new to see in New Orleans!

Starting a group tour in Jackson Square in new Orleans
Starting a group tour in Jackson Square in New Orleans
10. Laze in Miami, United States

Miami offers the best place for you and the girls to forget the world and spend your days in your costumes, sipping drinks and sunbathing under swaying palm trees. The weather in Miami is almost always sunny, providing you with ideal weather for a girls weekend getaway at the beach! 

Miami is one of the most relaxing destinations to travel to in the USA. You can go on road trips around the city, taking in the many sights and attractions. Spend your nights making memories of the many amazing bars and restaurants.

Two friends enjoying a typical sunny day in Miami
Two friends enjoying a typical sunny day in Miami

No matter how you choose to spend the time with your favourite ladies, you will have a blast at each of these fun trips! Going on a girls trip together on a luxury group tour is a brilliant opportunity to make memories that will be laughed about for the rest of your lives.

We can guarantee that you will be making the most of your celebrations by travelling together to any one of these best girls trip destinations. We have learned that travel is an experience – it’s a dream come true and it’s simply better together!

If you’d like some assistance in planning the ultimate girl’s getaway, contact our expert team and we’ll be thrilled to help you. We have great deals available for making travel possible.

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