• 27 March 2020

If you’re a young professional looking for an affordable and relaxing break from the stresses of work and everyday adult life – you’re in luck. While travelling once you’ve retired is the dream, why would you want to wait until then to see the world?

You may be worried about saving up enough money or finding the time to take leave from work. But, where there is a will, there’s a way, and here at Expat Explore, we love helping you find the way.

Where strangers become friends...
Where strangers become friends…

Here are 5 places you can book a tour to now and take some much-needed time away from your responsibilities.

Picking young adult travel groups: What to look for

How can you know that a certain group tour is best for you? What should you look for when booking your tour and what is important to ask? We’ve answered these questions below.

Prices & extra costs

While you’re young, you likely have bills to pay and savings to contribute to. So a group tour should fit in with your affordability.

When researching guided trips, be sure to note what extra costs you’ll have to pay. Is all of your accommodation covered? Are there meals you need to budget for? What about transport inside destinations? And of course, do you need to pay for a visa?

Young adults are just learning to budget and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of travel and forget about the costs. But it’s important to know that the tour you’re on is in your price range and that you won’t have to worry about sneaky costs on the side.

Planning a stress free tour
Planning a stress free tour
Tour itineraries

Take a look at where the tour plans on taking you, as well as the activities offered. You may really want to go to Paris. But if your group tour only takes you to the Eiffel Tower and ignores all the other beauty in the city, you’re not going to enjoy it as much.

Research your destination, and make sure that the tour’s itinerary allows you to discover places on your wishlist.

Does the tour match your interests?

Very important – are you embarking on a tour that matches your interests?

If you’re a beach body who loves the outdoors, then a city tour full of shopping and sightseeing may not be ideal. Likewise, if you’re looking forward to snapping pics of all the top tourist attractions, an off-the-beaten-track tour may disappoint you.

While looking at your tour’s itinerary and researching the destination, make sure you’re in for an enjoyable journey that offers what you’re looking for.

Is there free time?

As a young professional, you no doubt have the urge to explore certain parts of the world. Some of these may not be included in your planned itinerary for the guided group tour.

However, while many younger travellers believe that group tours mean you have no free time whatsoever, this is not always true. Some guided tours designate days and times for you to explore destinations as you wish.

If this is something that is important to you, check that your tour offers it.

Explore on your own with some amazing day trips offered while on tour!
Explore on your own with some amazing day trips offered while on tour!

Before you book your group tour, make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate company. You want to know that your booking is safe and secure and that you are in professional hands. Take a look through reviews and ratings of the company before you finalise your booking.

Best destinations and travel tours for young adults

Looking for some travel inspiration? These destinations will not disappoint.

1. USA

The United States offers so much do and see. It’s got something for the history buffs, a piece of paradise for the nature-enthusiasts, and tons of options for the nightlife wanderers.

New York is especially spectacular for young professionals from all over the world. The high energy, skyscraper buildings and famous Central Park offer many ways to enjoy your time in the Big Apple city.

Convinced? Check out this two-week trip to the USA and Canada.

Central Park - new york city tour - Expat Explore
There’s nothing better than watching the locals go about their day as you sit back and relax in Central Park
2. Egypt

Fascinating, awe-inspiring, and legendary are all words that we think of when Egypt is mentioned. There is a lot of history in this place, but it’s just as full of exciting adventures. Plus, there’s the chance to unwind and put your feet up during a cruise down the Nile River.

See the pyramids, ride a camel, and experience the energy in the city of Cairo. You’ll get to try delicious cuisine, enjoy the warm sun, and learn all about the captivating history of Ancient Egypt.

You can enjoy all of this while staying at a luxury Egyptian resort for 9 days on this Nile Adventure.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea - Egypt tour - Expat Explore
Snorkeling in the Red Sea proves that there is just as much beauty below as above
3. Enjoy outdoor activities in Panama

There’s no better place to combine a love of the outdoors with the wanderlust of a traveller-in-the-making. Panama offers ample opportunity to get out and enjoy its rich natural surroundings.

Surfing, scuba diving, kayaking and hiking are all eagerly encouraged activities here. There’s also some thrilling river rafting for the daring. And then, once you’ve exerted your youthful energy, take some time to chill on the beach.

Escape to Panama and include a trip to vibrant Costa Rica on this 12-day tour of South American paradise.

A view of the modern high rise building in Panama
A view of the modern high rise building in Panama
4. Greece

Can you think of anything farther removed from a usual day at work than a day spent island-hopping in Greece? We thought not. There is so much beauty and history to be found in this sun-kissed destination, it’s the perfect break from reality.

There’s good food to enjoy, great wine to pair it with, and a healthy dose of vitamin D (which is ideal for those who sit in an office all day for the rest of the year). There’s also an abundance of myths and legends to explore throughout the cities.

Take a short but sweet week-long trip with this 8-day Mykonos and Santorini exploration.

Enjoy a tour to Santorini Island
5. Vietnam

For a culturally rich travel experience, you won’t find much better than Vietnam. This is a destination on so many travel lists right now, and once you get there you’ll see why. From the exotic landscapes to the charming culture, there’s so much to embrace in this country.

Vietnam offers many opportunities that aren’t found elsewhere, so we suggest you grab them with both hands. Take more boat rides than ever before, visit temples and chapels, and even try out a Tai Chi class. There are also many markets to browse through, and a whole lot of food to enjoy as well.

See the best of the country when you take an 8-day Vietnam Highlights tour.

So, the question is – travel groups for young adults – is it worth it?

There are many reasons for young professional travellers to book a group tour. While some may think that the set itineraries and guided experiences are too rigid, there is also plenty of free time allocated.

You get the best of both worlds with group travel – shared experiences with tons of new friends, and time to go off and find your own adventure. Below are a few more reasons why group travel for young adults is a good idea.

Hoi An - Vietnam - Expat Explore
The beautiful Hoi An, Vietnam
The benefits of group travel for 20 somethings
  1. Almost everything is planned for you. Accommodation, activities, and even many meals are prepared by group travel companies. You won’t need to stress about a lot of the travel planning that you’d need to organise if you were going solo.
  2. You’ll instantly have travel buddies. On a group tour, everyone is there for the same reason – relaxation, travel, and a whole lot of fun.
  3. You may find places you wouldn’t have thought of visiting. Group tour leaders are skilled in what they do, and they know their destinations well. You’ll no doubt find yourself exploring places within a destination that you’d probably have left off your own itinerary.
  4. They’re perfectly timed. So you only have 10 days’ leave in July? No problem! Scanning through group tours will show you a list of trips you can take in that duration. And they are planned around the best destination during that time.
  5. It’s often more affordable. Travel groups are booking multiple rooms and activities, and are well connected. So their discount prices are a plus for you. You get luxury accommodation at affordable costs.
  6. It’s usually safer than solo travel. There is always safety in numbers, and if this is one of your first trips overseas, it’s often the best way to go.
Group travel with Expat Explore
Group travel with Expat Explore

Don’t let work stress you out. Book your leave days now and pack your bags for a rejuvenating break. Going with a group means you can enjoy your experience without worrying too much about the logistics of it.

Enjoy a short sightseeing trip, or cash in on extra leave days and head off on an extended journey across multiple destinations. Either way, we think you’re ready for a getaway.

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