Croatia, Greece & Turkey

Croatia, Greece & Turkey

Croatia is currently one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe, with the Dalmatian coast - located across the Adriatic Sea from Italy - particularly popular. The perfect white beaches, crystal clear water and historic towns make for an excellent holiday destination. With EU membership finally being granted in late 2011 signalling the peak of Croatia’s transformation, it is now well-placed to welcome tourists looking to explore it’s incredible culture and history, with the medieval walled-city of Dubrovnik undoubtedly the highlight. The coastal islands and towns offer a surprising amount of diversity - like the glamour of Hvar and the history of Korcula (reportedly the birthplace of Marco Polo) - while the mainland provides striking natural beauty in the Pltvice Lakes National Park.

Greece needs little introduction - the influence of the Ancient Greeks permeates across the world even today, and the incredible history and culture has long made it a destination for tourists visiting Europe. The Greek mainland is home to the capital Athens, and many other historic sites. Olympia was a sanctuary in Ancient Greece and the site of the original Olympic Games, held from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. Delphi has a long mythological history, and retains its well preserved ancient theatre. The dramatic 'columns of the sky' in Meteora were settled on by Easterb Orthodox monks from the 11th century, and by the 1400s there were 24 in total. 

The Aegean islands offer the perfect opportunity for a relaxing respite; the vibrant nightlife of Mykonos and the natural beauty of Santorini offering the perfect contrast to the bustling mainland.

Turkey is a country of many textures and colours. A former stop along the famous Silk Route, it is a now a renowned travel destination. This is truly where east meets west. Expat Explore Turkey tours are led by passionate English-speaking locals who know the country inside-out. Touring with them, you will get to see Turkey through authentic Turkish eyes. By their side, the bustling bazaars of Istanbul unfold before your eyes, the battlefields of Gallipoli provide a place for solemn remembrance, and the natural landscapes of Cappadocia are a sight to behold.

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