• 26 July 2019

Have you been wanting to book an Expat group tour but you aren’t sure if you’re the right type of traveller for our tours? We are often asked if Expat Explore caters to different types of travellers, and whether group travel is the best way to go. 

Other questions revolve around the kinds of travellers that you’d meet on an Expat coach tour. We’ve rounded up the many personalities and characters that we have met on our travels, and put together a list of travellers that are best for group travel.  

What does an Expat Explore traveller look like? Our coach trips see many different types of travellers each year, from the seasoned nomad to the first-time tourist. Here are a few of the traveller types that are perfect for our guided group tours:

Solo Travellers Looking for Adventure

With Expat Explore, solo travel is more single travel. While you may be venturing out into the world without a loved one with you, you’re never completely alone on our fun-filled group tours. During your trip, you’ll find the perfect balance of time to enjoy the scenery by yourself, and hearty laughter with your newfound travel friends. 

The trick to solo travel with Expat Explore is to be open to the new experiences you’re bound to find. The new people you’ll meet, your group, and the locals across your travel destinations, will add to the energy, and you’ll hardly feel like you’re travelling solo. We have many travellers joining us on their own, which means that there’s a whole club of single travellers for you to meet and become friends with!

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From students wanting to see the world to pensioners who need a retirement celebration trip, single travel can be enlightening and memorable. 

Couples in Love and on Honeymoon

It’s true what they say – “Love is the food of life, and travel is the dessert!” We wholeheartedly agree, and nothing can nurture a couple’s love more than an insightful journey across the world. Travelling with your partner can bring you closer, teach you more about each other, and allow you to make a lifetime of memories.

Our group tours offer convenience, comfort, and a stress-free holiday. Having your transport, accommodation, and many of your meals planned for you gives you and your partner more time to simply enjoy the scenery and each other’s company. 

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From the young couple in love and looking for an adventure to the newlyweds planning a honeymoon, coach travel can offer so much! Many people think that a group tour lacks romance and privacy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of our Europe tours offer some of the world’s most romantic destinations and attractions. 

Taking a coach tour for a honeymoon provides the time to enjoy each other without having to worry about any trip planning. With 3-star and 4-star accommodation, and extra excursions planned to fascinating landmarks, honeymooners can make lasting memories on a relaxing vacation. 

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Coach tours are also a brilliant option for established couples. Booking a trip after the kids have all left home is a great way to get back in touch with each other. The best way to cure the empty nest syndrome is to fly to new places yourselves – literally! 

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Families, Big and Small

What could be better than widening your horizons with your family? We adore seeing families hop aboard our coach buses, eager for adventure and quality time spent with each other. Our group tours are ideal for kids from the age of 10, which is a great age to begin showing them what the world has to offer. 

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Whether it’s a small family vacation or a full-blown reunion tour you’re looking for, our coaches are ready and waiting. Bring the kids, the grannies and grandpas, and even that aunt who isn’t really sure which side she’s related to. 

Travelling with family can be somewhat stressful at times; who knows your buttons better than your family?! With group travel, though, you constantly have other people to act as buffers. Expat Explore’s trip activities and excursions are planned with everyone in mind!

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Expat Explorer Requirements 

If you’re still not sure if you qualify for our coach tours, here’s exactly what you need to have before we’ll accept you on the bus:

  • A great attitude
  • Friendly smile
  • Thirst for adventure

There is no specific age group on our buses, besides everyone being older than 10, of course. Often our trips have travellers’ ranging in ages from the older members of Generation Z to millennials and all the way up to grandparents. We all get on wonderfully! Reasons for travelling with us also differ, from the desire to see the world to aspire to make a difference, such as in Nisha’s story

Even if you’re still not sure that you fit into the groups we’ve mentioned above, rest assured that we delight in travelling with unique individuals who share our love of travel. Anyone with the urge to explore the world and expand their minds is the perfect addition to any Expat tour. 

So, don’t you think it’s time to forget all those coach travel myths and book your next holiday? Contact our team for any info you still need, and we’ll see you soon!

Questions & Comments

  1. I am trying to book one of your tours but my credit card get declined by your company.
    I have done enquiries with my bank an they assure me it is not on their side.
    I do have suffiecient funds to pay the deposit and I am a return traveller as well.
    please assist me with this problem.

  2. Soondarambal Seenundun says:

    very much satisfied with expat explore

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Soondarambal,

      Thank you for your message.

      To show our appreciation we would like to thank you for using us as your tour coach operator and we really do appreciate all our passengers. We provide an experience of a lifetime for all our tours.
      Feel free if you have any question or queries to contact us or email at info@expatexplore.com

      Kind Regards

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