• 6 September 2019

There are few things as rewarding and mind-expanding as travel, especially when shared with our family. We know that planning family vacations on a budget can be daunting, but you’ll be pleased to know that affordable family vacations are possible. 

There are many places to visit that are surprisingly affordable and wonderful for a family vacation,  especially when travelling with kids. We’re here to discuss some of our favourite low-cost, family-friendly holiday destinations. 

Travelling together is better with family
Travelling together is better with family
South Africa

South Africa is a stunning country to visit, with vast diversity in its natural beauty and rich multi-faceted culture. It has so much to offer its visitors, and it’s an incredibly affordable country to travel to, making it an ideal spot for cheap family vacations.

South Africa is the most tourist-friendly country on the African continent, and it’s particularly welcoming for families. It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on earth, elegant city restaurants, and wonderfully scenic driving routes. It is also famously home to some of the world’s most incredible animal life.

Accommodation, restaurants, drinks, and experiences are all very reasonably priced in South Africa. It’s a great place to get a taste of Africa and one of our favourite spots when it comes to inexpensive family vacations.

See more reasons why South Africa is our Top Family Destination.

The beautiful City of Cape Town and its white sandy beaches
The beautiful Camps Bay beach below the Twelve Apostles mountains in Cape Town, South Africa

Thailand is often thought of as a country for young, adventurous backpackers, but it’s also a fantastic destination to consider when planning a budget-friendly family holiday to Thailand.

It’s no secret that Thailand is an incredibly affordable travel destination. From food and drinks to accommodation, tours, and transport, Thailand is a country where your money will go the distance.

It’s also one of the world’s finest travel destinations, with its pristine beaches, jungle-topped islands, and ancient temples. Not to mention the dense rain forests, vibrant cities, and quaint villages. Thailand offers an incredible range of experiences that will enchant the whole family. 

Thai cuisine is amongst the most revered in the world for its vibrant flavours and scrumptious textures. Thankfully, the food in Thailand, especially Thai street food, is particularly inexpensive. Feast on some of the world’s finest flavours for a fraction of the cost of a meal in the UK or USA.

One of the beautiful beaches in Phuket, Thailand
One of the beautiful beaches in Phuket, Thailand

Cambodia is a gorgeous, culturally vibrant country with a rich and dark history. While the country has struggled through years of political instability, violence, and poverty, modern Cambodia is an incredibly welcoming country, with wonderfully warm and friendly inhabitants.  

It also happens to be an affordable family-friendly country, making it perfect for a low-cost family holiday.

Cambodia is home to some incredible landscapes. From wild mountains and tranquil rice paddies to bustling cities and picture-perfect beaches wrapping the country and its many islands.

It’s home to Angkor, the once capital city of the ancient Khmer Empire. Angkor is now a vast and historically significant archaeological park that is home to a plethora of archaic structures and temples. Here lies the shining jewel of Cambodia: Angkor Wat, a monumental ancient temple complex that offers some of the world’s finest sunrise views.

While Cambodia is an affordable and family-friendly country, it’s not the easiest country to travel around without knowledge and experience, so we think the best way to see it is with a tour of Cambodia.

rice fields in Kampot, Cambodia
Rice fields in Kampot, Cambodia

Turkey is a great destination for a family holiday, with its family-oriented local culture and a wide array of enticing things to do. Travelling to Turkey is particularly popular at the moment, and it’s also impressively affordable.

It’s arguably the best place in Europe to indulge in activities, from wakeboarding and parasailing to hot air ballooning and kayaking over the ruins of Kekova, making it a great place for fun family vacations. The sun, sand, and endless activities of the coast will keep everyone in the family entertained.

The landscapes are enchanting, and the county holds a rich far-reaching history which manifests in the many ancient buildings and ruins. 

Of course, one of Turkey’s main attractions is the magic of Istanbul. It’s an ancient city with an extensive and convoluted history stretching back thousands of years and a skyline formed by magnificently decorated mosques. 

A tour to Turkey will enchant you, and its generous, life-loving inhabitants will welcome your family with open arms. A visit to Turkey is one of the best family vacations on a budget.

Traditional Turkish breakfast with the view of Cappadocia's hot-air balloons
Traditional Turkish breakfast with the view of Cappadocia’s hot-air balloons

A country with quaint cobbled streets winding through hills, gorgeous sloping seaside villages, wonderful beaches, and over 6,000 islands. Visiting Greece, one of the most affordable countries in Europe, offers an amazing travel experience to those who visit. 

Step into a country soaked in millennia of world-changing history, and absorb its significance by walking through ancient ruins beneath a vast blue sky. Greece offers plenty of sights and experiences, from the vibrant white towns of Mykonos to the ancient acropolis that sits at the heart of Athens, the country’s sprawling capital.

Greek food is incredible and it tends to come in big portions, so well-priced meals are bound to keep you full and smiling. 

Not only is a tour to Greece an affordable family-friendly vacation spot, but its location makes it cost-friendly and easy to get to from the UK and the rest of Europe when travelling with a group

Typical blue and white streets of Mykonos, Greece
Typical blue and white streets of Mykonos, Greece

Mexico is a wonderful option for travellers living in the USA. It’s a vast country with an incredibly diverse range of landscapes.

Here, you’ll find dense jungle, arid deserts, idyllic beaches, and snow-capped volcanoes. You’ll be swallowed up by the vibrancy of sprawling Mexico City, and find yourself enchanted by archaic ruins. Mexico is also home to a thriving arts and culture scene.

Fortunately, visiting Mexico is an affordable vacation and a welcoming destination for a family holiday. From the sparkling white beaches of Cancun to the ancient well-preserved Mayan city of Chichen Itza, Mexico strikes a perfect blend of deep, visible history and gorgeous landscapes.

Don’t forget the large portions of rich and spicy food that Mexico is renowned for! You’ll treat your tastebuds for cheap and be left with a full belly. The locals tend to be laid back and friendly and will be more than welcoming toward you and your family.

The Angel of Independence in the heart of Mexico City
The Angel of Independence in the heart of Mexico City

If you’re after an affordable Carribean vacation, look no further than Cuba. It’s the most affordable Carribean islands vacation, and although you may not think of it as a family holiday destination, visiting Cuba with kids can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

The country’s close-knit family culture and off-beat activities ensure you’ll have a memorable family holiday, and feel welcomed everywhere you go. The country may appear dilapidated on the surface, but underneath this facade, it carries a rich colonial opulence and vibrant multi-faceted culture.

The country envelopes visitors in a timewarp of retro American cars, cobbled streets, and grand architecture from a time when pirates roamed the Caribbean seas. Cuba is also home to a wealth of idyllic beaches and Havana, a beautiful, contradictory capital city that is undeniably unique.

Just shy of 100 miles from Florida, Cuba is another great option for an affordable mini-vacation from the USA.

The beautiful and popular Varadero beach in Cuba
The beautiful and popular Varadero beach in Cuba

Experiencing new cultures, marvelling at novel landscapes, and absorbing rich histories allows us and our children to garner a broader understanding of our planet, its people, and our place in time. 

Vacations also allow us some relaxation and excitement, from reading on sun-soaked beaches to watching our children’s faces light up as they take flight under a parasail or spot an elephant in the bushes. We hope these cheap vacation ideas inspire you to get out and explore the world with your family because we believe it’s simply #bettertogether.

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