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Armenia is a landlocked country in eastern Europe bordered by Turkey (west), Azerbaijan (east), Iran (south) and Georgia (north).  

As the first country in the world to adopt Christianity, Armenia often goes by the name ‘Land of churches’. Monasteries, cathedrals and Christian places of worship are in the most scenic settings across the country. Iconic monasteries include Haghpat, Sevanavank and Geghard, all official UNESCO world heritage sites. Another must-see is the Echmiadzin Monastery, often regarded as Armenia’s Vatican. 

A trip to Armenia asks of you to not only dive into its historical legacy, but also embrace the magical outdoors. Armenia’s terrain is natural, mountainous and quite simply breathtaking. Dilijan national park, Lake Sevan and the rolling hills of the Armenian countryside are the major draws. There's also one of Europe's oldest and most rapidly developing cities - Yerevan.

Armenia is a welcome addition to the list of any globetrotter! In fact, it might be one of the best kept secrets in Europe…