• 5 February 2021

Springtime in March is considered the most beautiful season in Europe. Is there any place or time more abundant, passionate, and charming than spring in Europe? From smelling the fortifying fresh air in the frosty Alps to basking on a beach somewhere in Spain to chugging beer in Munich. Taking a tour in Europe during March and choosing to visit Europe in spring offers phenomenal experiences!

March in Europe provides milder weather, modest crowds, bargain season prices and longer sunshine-filled days. While Europe peels off its obnoxious amount of winter layers – flowers begin to bloom and warm air turns frosty landscapes to flowing rivers. 

Best places to visit in March in Europe

Here is our selection of the 9 best places to visit in March in Europe – covering both hot and cold destinations. 

1. Paris, France

Average High in March: 12°C 
Average Low in March: 5°C 

Paris, the French Capital, offers some iconic landmarks. It’s home to the iconic Notre-Dame and renowned Louvre Museum. Just like the beaming Eiffel tower, this magical city renders a splendid experience year-round. Yet in springtime, the air is still crisp from the icy winter and pink blossoms sweep the streets. 

The ‘City of Lights’ is home to many picturesque streets to walk through. Stunning parks and quaint cafés generously share the irresistible smell of croissants in the bakeries. In March, be sure to see the local Mardi Gras Carnival that happens on the 20th. There is also the Paris Book Fair (Livre Paris) from 15th to 18th March. 

Please note: the above 2021 events are cancelled due to Covid-19.

Amazing Eiffel Tower view from Trocadero Gardens
Visit Europe in spring and see amazing Eiffel Tower views from Trocadero Gardens.
2. Barcelona, Spain 

Average High in March: 17°C 
Average Low in March: 10°C 

Barcelona is the heart of Spanish culture, from football to neo-classical architecture and Gothic-style cathedrals, to flamenco dancers and bullfights. This cosmopolitan city offers shimmering Mediterranean beaches and scenic hillsides. 

Take part in the Sant Medir Festival on March 3rd, or join in on chugging beer at the International Beer Festival from 15th to March 17th. Take a stroll around the Gothic Quarter or La Ramblas, or bask in the sun at La Barceloneta beach. Barcelona has the full package – the beaches, the culture, the parties, the delicious foods and the magnificent architecture. 

Please note: the above 2021 events are postponed due to Covid-19.

Parc Guell designed by Antoni Gaudi located in Barcelona
Parc Guell designed by Antoni Gaudi located in Barcelona.
3. London, England

Average High in March: 11°C 
Average Low in March: 4°C 

London, an all-time classic travel destination, offers an infinite world of activities, famous attractions to see and trendy neighbourhoods to explore. It’s one of the best European cities to visit in March. 

There are many memories to be made here. From viewing the city from on top of the London Eye to taking a legendary picture in front of the historic Windsor Castle. Get the most out of your London affair and get on a tour of Great Britain

Long walk to Windsor castle in spring, London suburbs
Enjoy beautiful destinations like Windsor Castle near London when you visit Europe in spring.
4. Rome, Italy

Average High in March: 17°C 
Average Low in March: 6°C 

If you’re looking to soak in the sunny side of Europe in spring, Italy has you covered. For those looking to experience food, culture, and serene beauty, Rome in springtime will give you a varied experience of Italy. 

Spring is considered the “shoulder season” in Rome. The weather is milder, and the city is much less crowded. Azaleas and hanging wisteria are in full bloom this time of the month, ideal for photographers. See Ancient Rome and the Vatican Museum to get a real taste of Roman history – without the crowds. 

The beautiful Spanish Steps in Rome
The beautiful Spanish Steps in Rome with spring flowers.
5. Florence, Italy 

Average High in March: 16°C 
Average Low in March: 5°C

Florence is just a 90-minute train ride away from Rome. This flavourful city offers over 300 varieties of Italian dishes for a lip-smacking experience. Florence is a wooing city giving you spectacular views and shouldered by green-hued mountains. 

The cradle of the Italian Renaissance, the heart of Italian food hosts the famous food festival, the ‘Taste of Florence’, from 14th to 16th March. Catch the sunset at Piazza Michelangelo – or find a tour for a taste of Italy

Please note: the above 2021 event is postponed due to Covid-19.

Statue of David at Micheal Angelo Park, Florence
Statue of David at Micheal Angelo Park, Florence
6. Interlaken, Switzerland

Average High in March: 10°C 
Average Low in March: 1°C 

While the Swiss Alps is still recovering from its winter hangover, it offers more pleasant weather conditions in March. One can indulge in both summer and winter activities in Switzerland in March. On a clear day, catch the Jungfraujoch scenic railways for an unforgettable experience. 

The Interlaken area offers the most strikingly beautiful views of the Swiss Alps. Go skiing in the Alps Mountains offered by various ski centres or visit one of the best Chocolate Factories in Switzerland at the 1636 Broc. Interlaken is also great to go adventure trekking all year round. Try some adventurous sports such as paragliding, canyoning among beautiful waterfalls, bungee jumping or kayaking. 

Panoramic view of Interlaken from Harder Kulm viewpoint
Panoramic view of Interlaken from Harder Kulm viewpoint
7. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Average High in March: 10°C 
Average Low in March: 2°C

Amsterdam is immersed in history, charming hamlets, vintage shops, windmills, cheese and legalised marijuana. Visiting Amsterdam is not complete without taking a walk through the infamous Red Light District. Be sure to check out the Coffee Festival. 

Springtime in Amsterdam is one of the best European destinations in March. There are tulips carpeting acres of land. 

Take a day trip to Keukenhof (The Garden of Europe) and a 40-minute bus ride from Amsterdam. It’s the largest flower garden in the world. It’s open from March 20th to May 9th, 2021, and displays 800 varieties of tulips and 7 million bulbs. However, it’s good to know that travelling to Europe in April may be a bit too late to see spectacular scenery. 

Please note: the Coffee Festival 2021 event is postponed due to Covid-19.

Keukenhof is the world's most beautiful spring flower garden. It's definitely a must-see place in Holland.
Keukenhof is the world’s most beautiful spring flower garden. It’s definitely a must-see place in Holland.
8. Munich, Germany

Average High in March: 9°C 
Average Low in March: 1°C 

Munich, the land of beer and cars, is located in Bavaria, Germany. It’s best known for holding the incredible cultural Octoberfest and the headquarters of BMW. The month of March offers a magical time in Munich. 

See the Asam Church, a magnificent piece of German architecture, or take part in a night of dinner hopping at some of Munich’s pre-eminent restaurants. Before you depart from Munich, take a trip to see one of Disney’s inspirations for Sleeping Beauty, Neuschwanstein Castle. 

In March, Munich hosts its Strong Beer Festival from March 13th – 22nd and is an opportunity to experience the traditional German culture. This festival calls beer lovers to try a range of different German beers, sing authentic German songs, and dress up in traditional attire. 

Please note: the above event is postponed due to Covid-19.

Beautiful Neuschwanstein castle, near Munich in Bavaria, Germany
Beautiful Neuschwanstein castle, near Munich in Bavaria, Germany
9. Lisbon, Portugal

Average High in March: 18°C 
Average Low in March: 10°C 

Lisbon is a vibrant city with its vibrant culture and nightlife, as well as its marvellous architecture. It’s known to have the sunniest and most desirable weather in Europe in March – during the ‘shoulder season’.  

Ride the Tram 28 or take a short bus ride to catch a wave at Caxias beach. Either way, this city is simply glorious to visit in March. A short bus trip away from Lisbon will reveal stunning beaches and gem-like waters. 

Yellow tram, symbol of Lisbon at colorful downtown street and spring blossom tree
Yellow tram, symbol of Lisbon at colourful downtown street and spring blossom tree

Most places in Europe offer great travel opportunities during all four seasons, giving you a variety of perks no matter which month you choose. For March, jet-setters and travel enthusiasts will get the fragrant taste of honey from flowers blooming and pure, joyous sunshine. If you visit Europe in spring, you’ll enjoy a treat for the tastebuds, create memories, quench your soul – and you may even snag a whole lot of vitamin D! Start planning your trip to Europe in spring today! 

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